Why leave important talent
management decisions to chance?

RPX Website Logo provides talent assessments and talent analytics tools that help you predict, develop and maximise individual and team performance and reduce unnecessary people management problems that cost your business time, money and wasted talent.

We help you and your organisation to...

  • Attract and recruit the best people

    Getting the right people into your business isn’t easy. You have to position your role effectively and you’ll also need a water-tight assessment process to reduce the time and money and effort you spend on hiring.

  • Build better leadership teams

    Creating a vision and strategy and inspiring your teams to achieve, is at the core of this essential competency. If your leadership team has blockages, we’ll help bring clarity and focus back.

  • Uncover hidden team potential

    When you understand how to use talent analytics to mine your current teams for potential talent, you can identify top-performers and natural superstars quickly and easily.

  • Resolve workplace conflict faster

    Team conflict destroys performance, productivity and positive working environments. Left unchecked, it leads to hugely detrimental effects. We’ll show you how to solve conflict with less stress and in less time.

  • Diagnose underperformance

    It’s one thing having a team that fails to deliver. It’s another thing working out why. If you have individuals or teams that aren’t pulling their weight, we’ll help you find out why using science-based assessments.

Set your people up for success.

As a Business Owner, Managing Director, HR Executive or Senior Manager, you're faced with time-consuming people challenges on a daily basis.

And that's precisely why RPX Website Logo exists.

To help you and your managers to avoid bad hiring decisions, reduce staff turnover and set your entire workforce up for success...without the guesswork that's usually involved in developing and managing people.

Designed to be used in the boardroom and on the 'shop floor', the suite of predictive talent analytics and talent assessment tools we offer is used by over 60,000 Managers worldwide to make managing people easier.

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Who are we?

We are RPX Website Logo otherwise known as RPX2.

A team of experienced management consultants who bring a powerful suite of talent assessment tools and personality profiling systems (along with 50+ combined years of senior management experience) to help you and your organisation grow.

Having worked with 100's of professionals and senior managers over the last 15 years, we're seriously passionate about helping you to realise your potential.


We're a certified UK partner for The Predictive Index® and run PI® Training Workshops every month in London.

"The Predictive Index Workshop is an excellent workshop which enables organisations to have insight into the behaviour of people and the impact it has on their performance in different roles."

Mandy Devonald-Batt, HR Manager

A word from our clients.

"The Predictive Index® helped us to break down barriers within our leadership team and improve cohesion and team effectiveness. Our team were amazed by the insights of the tool."

Coleen Highfield, VP HR for Europe & Africa, Moneygram

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