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11 UK-based Human Resources blogs that you’ll love

Human Resources blogs are in in no short supply; a quick Google search will bring up a vast number of sites (over 300,000 results!) offering information, tips, and insights on all things HR-related.

With such an abundance of sources of HR and talent management know-how at your fingertips, it can be difficult to find the most comprehensive, entertaining and up-to-the-minute blogs in our industry.

That’s why, to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together an “end-of-year”  list of the most popular, relevant and entertaining UK-based HR blogs that every HR Professional and Talent Management Specialist needs to bookmark for 2017!

Here goes:

  1. The People Management blog: The CIPD blog. No HR blogs list would be complete without the CIPD Blog, publishing quality information regarding analysis and current opinions on human resource developments and news. Here you can find posts by the CIPD staff discussing their personal thoughts on HR issues and news.
  1. XpertHR Employment Intelligence: With updates, commentary and observations on employment law, changing workplace, HR and recruitment, this is the UK’s top online resource for HR good practice, employment law and benchmarking. Providing guidance and practical tips that cover a wide scope of HR roles, supporting you, your team and your organisation.
  1. Personnel Today Guru Blog: A blog by one of today’s most notorious Human resources commentators. With added wit, it gives wisdom related insights into the workplace as a whole. A written account of workplace fads, with entertaining daily workplace stories and humour.
  1. HRZone, written and contributed to by the community, this blog brings together the collective knowledge of hundreds of HR professionals, about anything form performance psychology to employees’ sickness. The 400+ pages of blog posts are tagged by sub-category – such as Strategy, Technology, People, L&D, and Employment Law – allowing you to find navigate to the most relevant content. You can also become a contributor if you’d like to add to the collection.
  1. Change Effect Authored by HR Director Neil Morrison, he doesn’t hold back in turning certain HR norms on their heads. As Neil remarked, “My experience has led me to believe that we need to completely rethink the way that we approach people management, focussing on organisational need more than alleged HR best practice.”
  1. Strategic HCM This site was one of the original HR blogs with 6 years and more than 1,000 posts in its archive. It is the work of consultant, author and speaker Jon Ingham, and the blog posts cover a wide range of human capital management related subjects.
  1. Adjusted DevelopmentPTHR is a creative enterprise for People and Transformational HR, founded by Perry Timms, and this blog is where Perry delves into some of his ideas and initiatives. He has a strong background in social networking, change and business transformation and is always interested in taking a different approach to the norm.
  2. HR GemAs a fellow of the CIPD, Gemma Reucroft is an HR professional with a passion for employment law, recruitment, HR and coaching. She blogs her thoughts on a wide range of workplace issues and ‘people stuff’.
  1. The HR DirectorThe most respected independent resource for Senior HR Practitioners and HR Directors, offering opinions and viewpoints from some of the very best bloggers in HR. With blogs covering recruitment, strategic workforce planning and managing careers.
  2. David D’souza: A speaker and blogger on both HR and progressive business practice, David helps the HR profession to keep pace with the constant external change.  Here you can find blogs on L&D, Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Performance Management.
  3. T Recs: Personal thoughts on Recruiting and HR in a Social World. Mervyn Dinnen is an award winning blogger and a social engagement strategist specialising in the Recruitment, HR and Workplace sectors. With blogs on everything from social recruiting to employee engagement, there’s something for all HR roles.

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Now, we know that list isn't exhaustive and that they are loads more amazing HR and Talent Management bloggers out there…we simply chose the ones that we think you’d most enjoy and that we enjoy reading, on a regular basis.

...Have we missed any amazing HR bloggers out? Are there any particular bloggers that you enjoy reading that we should know about?

Share them in the comments section below this article and we’ll include them in our next list!


  • NG

    April 27, 2015

    Please keep your list of HR bloggers going and updated. It is good to know of bloggers in our rapidly changing discipline – especially those doing cool and interesting work.

  • MJ

    June 24, 2015

    Thank you. Several blogs on your list that I’ve not been aware of before. Really useful to find UK-based stuff relevant to the type of HR and People Management courses that I deliver.

    • RPX2 Web Team

      June 25, 2015

      Thank you – we’re hugely passionate about promoting good People Management in the UK – your comments are really appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    August 30, 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing the brief list with the small intro. This is really helpful to get wanted stuff without wasting time in searching and reviewing.

  • Anonymous

    January 25, 2018


    Really cool post! This was exactly the same idea we had when we were trying to find out more about our own industry.

  • Anonymous

    March 9, 2018

    A great list of blogs for me to add to my reading list! Thanks! I’ve only just started out but here is mine: