7 psychometric testing myths

7 psychometric testing myths stopping you from creating high-performing teams

Is your organisation one of the 100’s across the UK that uses psychometric testing or talent assessment tools to help hire, develop and promote the right people? Or are you still sceptical about using a ‘tool’ to help you make decisions about your employees? If you are sceptical, you’re certainly not alone. But would it…

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Employment outlook remains strong but pay rates continue to disappoint

New government must look beyond job creation to kick start the productivity increases needed to drive real pay rises for all. Employment prospects continue to improve but with wage growth remaining subdued the new Government should focus more attention on what it can do to help and encourage employers to invest in skills and improve…

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Impact of L&D initiatives is too rarely measured against business outcomes

Annual survey ahead of the CIPD L&D Show highlights need for better evaluation in L&D Just 7% of L&D professionals evaluate the impact of their initiatives on the wider business or society, with most limiting their focus to learner and manager feedback, according to new research. The annual L&D Survey from the CIPD, the professional…

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Senior Sporting Delegates gather for inaugural Sporting Directors’ Summit in Manchester

As the global sporting industry grows, there is increased pressure on sports clubs, organisations, and their leaders, to be able to adapt and respond to an increasing ly competitive environment. In fact, as sport has become big business, there is an ever-increasing demand for organisations to develop a vision, philosophy and strategy to drive long-term…

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5 Common Workplace Behaviours that Impact Performance

5 common workplace behaviours that impact performance

Organisations that are able to tap into behavioural data to understand their workforce at the individual and group levels will be in a better position to hire, develop and retain talent in the future. Measuring behavioural drives gives you valuable insights into how best to engage individual employees and set them up for success. By matching the drives of…

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Leadership vs. Management

Do all managers have to be leaders?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a successful manager and a successful leader? Where do you stand on the debate of leadership vs. management? Recently, I suggested to a colleague that I have probably been a fairly good manager during my career, but not necessarily a great leader. And, in actual fact, I…

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L&D practitioners need to bridge their own skills gap

To prepare organisations for technological growth, globalisation and an uncertain economic outlook, the L&D function needs a much broader blend of skills than ever before. But new research reveals a significant gap between the skills and capabilities L&D practitioners know they need, and what they actually have in-house. The CIPD, the professional body for HR…

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7 vital elements of water-tight succession planning

  Are you taking succession planning seriously enough in your organisation? You see, you may not realise it, but there’s a good chance that your best managers and top performers in your business are about to resign. (The figures point to signs that over 35% of employees in the UK are planning to leave their jobs this year.)…

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