Employee motivation...what really makes your people tick-

Employee motivation…what really makes your people tick?

  Have you ever asked yourself what really motivates your employees? Do you struggle to get to grips with employee motivation? Have you ever asked yourself what really motivates you? Neither of them are simple questions to answer. But if the success of your business relies in any way on the quality of the interactions…

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The top 10 blogs in talent management today

We all know the old cliché that a business is only as successful as the people in it. The problem is that finding, developing and retaining talent is getting more and more challenging for talent managers. Our recent blog, 8 reasons why your staff turnover could rise in 2015 highlighted the impending troubles that talent managers might…

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Business psychology blogs

10 must read business psychology blogs

Most of us accept that a successful business is all about the people in it – “You’re only as good as the people you hire.” – Raymond Albert Kroc Well, that sounds nice and simple, but unfortunately for leaders, people are not simple. Anyone with experience of recruiting will know how difficult it can be to…

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Coaching to accelerate talent in 5 essential steps

The impending retirement of Baby Boomers is placing tremendous pressure on organisations to develop talent into qualified leaders at a faster rate than ever before. In a study by Human Capital Institute and the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, 85 percent of organisations said they had an urgent need to accelerate the development of their…

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Employee Assessment as HR's Secret Weapon

How employee assessment data can be a HR manager’s secret weapon

If you’re an HR professional and you haven’t been sleeping for the past 15 years, you’ll have witnessed the steady rise in the use of HR Analytics and Employee Assessments/Talent Assessments within small businesses, SME’s and multinationals everywhere. And there’s a very good reason for that. After all, when studies show that 50% of CVs contain…

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On-boarding new managers: 5 ways to make it simpler

Have you experienced new managerial hires leaving before 12 months, despite them seeming perfect for the job? We all know the disappointment when that perfect new manager, with a history of success, for some reason just couldn’t cut it in their new role. This could well have been down to the on-boarding (or lack of) that…

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Developing effective teams: Here’s what you need to know

Are you battling with conflict and poor performance from your teams? It’s not easy to put together teams that work. Yet, developing a well-oiled team is an important and integral part of building a healthy business – especially if you want it to grow and thrive. Effective teamwork is at the heart of a good workplace! It can keep workplace stress and tension…

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Building a data-driven succession program: 10 points to consider

Succession management vs. succession planning: Which should you do in 2018? Organisations understand the importance of identifying and preparing successors for key positions but, as PI Worldwide research shows, about 40% are not prepared for the sudden departure of a key leader within the organisation. So what should companies do? The saying goes: failure to…

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