8 reasons why your staff turnover could rise in 2017

Are you ready for an exodus of employees from your company this year? I’m not kidding. You see, according to a new survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management, there is clear evidence to show “the return of ambition to the UK workforce” after years of stagnation in the job market. What that means,…

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Can employee assessments improve staff retention?

When we think of the ‘war for talent’, many of us expect that the main battles in this conflict will be fought amongst the assessment centres, the jobs boards and on social media; essentially within the talent acquisition arena. Attracting top-performers is, without doubt, a key objective for any competitive business, but as we climb…

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UK Leadership Blogs

10 UK leadership and management blogs you’ll want to read

If you are striving to be the best you have to make sure you are following the best. There’s no shortage of Leadership and Management blogs worldwide, the majority being based in the US, but a much smaller number of these are specifically UK-based blogs. So, we’ve scoured the web to find you the very…

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The essential dos and don’ts of effective job profiling

Have you ever tried to get to a destination without actually knowing what your destination was? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I mean, who would set out on a journey without actually knowing EXACTLY where they were going, or how to recognise it when they arrived? Well, as crazy as it sounds, that’s what a heck…

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HR blogs

11 UK-based Human Resources blogs that you’ll love

Human Resources blogs are in in no short supply; a quick Google search will bring up a vast number of sites (over 300,000 results!) offering information, tips, and insights on all things HR-related. With such an abundance of sources of HR and talent management know-how at your fingertips, it can be difficult to find the…

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Behavioural assessment vs. competency assessment- What’s the difference?Behavioural assessment vs. competency assessment- What’s the difference?

Behavioural assessment vs. competency assessment: What’s the difference?

Have you ever wondered why so many employers make poor recruitment decisions? Well, when faced with empty desks and understaffed teams, expectant hiring managers and concerned MDs can often start to feel the pain of quiet desperation, which then creeps into the hiring process. In this case, standards may drop or hiring criteria may be…

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How to use employee assessments for more than just recruiting

When we think about using employee assessments in HR, we immediately think of their application in the recruiting arena. That’s because employee assessments are a great way to increase the predictive reliability of our hiring processes and make more informed decisions; most experts know this. Nonetheless, while employee assessments do undoubtedly improve hiring accuracy, no…

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3 simple tips to help you make better hiring decisions

Attracting and selecting the right people for the right roles in your organisation, is never a simple task. Even the most experienced hiring managers and HR professionals find talent acquisition and recruitment challenging, especially with the huge amount of potential talent within today’s global job market. The problem is, making the wrong hiring decision can cost…

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