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10 must read business psychology blogs

Most of us accept that a successful business is all about the people in it – “You’re only as good as the people you hire.” – Raymond Albert Kroc

Well, that sounds nice and simple, but unfortunately for leaders, people are not simple.

Anyone with experience of recruiting will know how difficult it can be to find that new talent you need in your company, and this is just the first hurdle is creating a team of effective and engaged people.

Getting to grips with what makes your employees tick is the first step towards keeping your teams productive and creative. There are many psychology blogs out there, but to manage people in business, you need insights that will help you specifically within a work environment.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of business psychology blogs, so you can access these practical insights easily and create a workplace where people, and your company, thrive.

Here are 10 must read business psychology blogs and what they reveal:

Peter Shallard – He is the self-proclaimed shrink for entrepreneurs. His blog is impressive, creative, and clean. He combines old clichés with logic and a smart approach behind it. This is the place to go for refreshing new takes on business, innovation and leadership.

The Energy Project is on a mission is to change the way the world works. Founded by Tony Schwartz, the blog revolves around a holistic approach to business and employees in order to improve working life and, in doing so, also improve business. It includes blogs under the categories leadership, emotional, physical, awareness and mindfulness and more.

The Association for Business Psychology was established in 2000, with the sole purpose championing business psychology in an inclusive and accessible way. They have a wide range of articles to help HR people and managers in a practical way when it comes to talent, delegation, leadership and more. For extra reading, you can also find ‘how to’ guides here.

Psychology Today covers many psychology topics, and this ‘work’ section is very extensive, ranging from engagement and creativity to leadership development. With fresh insights backed by scientific study, you can find some great tips. If you fancy delving into other areas of psychology you might find some interesting blogs in topics such as behavioural economics, intelligence, stress and procrastination.

Sparring Mind – If your interest is in creativity in the workplace then this is the blog for you. Here Gregory Ciotti discusses creativity, habits, productivity and change and gives a fresh take with practical lessons based on solid scientific research. Gregory also includes reviews of his top 50 social psychology books.

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Minding the Workplace, the blog of the New Workplace Institute is dedicated to news and commentary about work and employment relations.  With 7 years of archives, many of their articles discuss dignity at work, workplace bullying and psychologically healthy work environments and if you just want to jump to the best posts there’s a link to view their most popular titles.

BEworks gives a hybrid of both behavioral and business expertise. Their mission is to help business leaders apply scientific thinking to their marketing and operational challenges. In their knowledge center you can find videos of the team’s speaking engagements as well as blogs.

“Scientists don’t need to be business leaders, but business leaders need to be scientific.”

– Kelly Peters, CEO and Managing Partner, BEworks

APAExcellence is the American Psychological Association Centre for Organisational Excellence. Here you can find a variety of tips, tools and other resources that you can use to create a work environment where your employees and your organisation both thrive. Under the Resources for Employers tab you can find links to relevant articles in the Articles & Research Abstracts section, or keep on top of research and news in the Good Company Blog and Podcasts.

Workplace psychology, is written by Steve Nguyen, Ph.D., who is an organisational consultant with a unique blend of organisational understanding and psychological insight, and swears by evidence-based practices within leadership and HR. With blogs on things such as business coaching, leadership and organisational psychology, along with related book reviews, this blog is easy to navigate and essential for anyone within leadership and HR.

I/O At Work is a blog with the aim of bridging the gap between Industrial/Organisational Psychology, HR Management and Job Performance. There are over 80 topics including coaching, conflict, decision making, engagement, performance and work environment to name a few. With so many articles they’re probably quite right in boasting that with only this site and a few minutes a week, you can stay informed about relevant new research.

Now, we know that there are more amazing business psychology blogs out there…we simply chose the ones that we think you’d most enjoy and that we enjoy reading, on a regular basis.

…Have we missed any amazing business psychology blogs out? Are there any particular blogs that you enjoy reading that we should know about?

Share them in the comments section below this article and we’ll include them in our next list!