How Patagonia got more women into senior roles

How Patagonia Got More Women Into Senior Roles

When Phil Graves worked for Deloitte, his days looked just like those of many working professionals. He left home before his three young daughters were up, to commute to work in San Francisco. He sped through his day, and raced home just in time for bath, bedtime stories, a few snuggles before lights out for…

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New report by 4000+ company directors shares insights into boardroom diversity

New report by 4000+ company directors shares insights into boardroom strengths & weaknesses

4,000+ corporate directors offered their opinions in a new report recently regarding risk, the economy, boardroom diversity, as well as strengths and weaknesses within the boardroom. A brand new report by professor Boris Groysbergand and Yo-Jud of the Harvard Business School, along with Spencer Stuart, the Women Corporate Directors and researcher Deborah Bell has stated…

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L&D practitioners need to bridge their own skills gap

To prepare organisations for technological growth, globalisation and an uncertain economic outlook, the L&D function needs a much broader blend of skills than ever before. But new research reveals a significant gap between the skills and capabilities L&D practitioners know they need, and what they actually have in-house. The CIPD, the professional body for HR…

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HR blogs

11 UK-based Human Resources blogs that you’ll love

Human Resources blogs are in in no short supply; a quick Google search will bring up a vast number of sites (over 300,000 results!) offering information, tips, and insights on all things HR-related. With such an abundance of sources of HR and talent management know-how at your fingertips, it can be difficult to find the…

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