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Organisations & business all across the UK manage their people better with RPX2

More than 200 organisations of all sizes across the UK and Europe – from start-up software companies, to mid-sized manufacturing firms, to large retailers and multinational shipping companies –  use the Talent Management solutions we offer to motivate and engage their employees, improve business productivity, and create a powerful competitive advantage by realising the potential of their people.

"I've gone from being COMPLETELY sceptical of psychometric analysis tools, to being almost religious in my belief in The Predictive Index®."

Ben Flewett, Managing Director Ben Flewett, Managing Director
Software Of Excellence

I wish the Predictive Index Workshop was 2 weeks not 3 days as it was so fascinating, insightful and relevant! Fiona was incredible with so much knowledge. Her use of real life examples to prove the science behind it really helped cement the learning. You leave with a whole new perspective on people - I can't wait to put it into practice to become a better HR practitioner and manager.

Petra Kulynycz, Head of Learning and Development
Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group

Having been burnt by a personal coach in the past, I was naturally quite sceptical when I met Fiona. It did not help that I was equally, at that time, both professionally and personally at cross roads.  Working with Fiona, however, I knew I was talking to someone that understands a variety of complex issues and intellectually could challenge my thinking and preconceptions. It is rare to meet good mentors, I could not even count them on one hand, but I have to say that Fiona delivered in "spades" and I am truly privileged to have been her student. I am truly alive again.

CEO / Managing Director , Multinational Asset Management

After using the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment with our Leadership Team, we managed to break down barriers and improve team communication, cohesion and effectiveness across the board. The team was ASTOUNDED at the level of insight that this tool provides. The simplicity of this psychometric tool is so powerful and it's the tool that gives the deepest level of insight into the motivators and strengths of an individual.

Coleen Highfield, Moneygram, VP HR

"The Predictive Index Workshop is an excellent workshop which enables organisations to have insight into the behaviour of people and the impact it has on their performance in different roles."

Mandy Devonald-Batt, HR Manager, SAS

"The PI® workshop has been absolutely fascinating and I would highly recommend it. With the variety of the training, this made it interesting and very enjoyable."

Katie Taylor

"The PI Workshop is the best course I've attended in about 10 years! Thank you!"

Sean McKenzie, ABB Enterprise Software

"I enjoyed the participatory style of the Predictive Index workshop and the depth of understanding it aimed to secure, as well as the ability of the facilitator to address my questions."

Sampa Chipalo, HR Manager, JT International

I found Fiona very personable and liked that she could consolidate what we were learning via textbook and on screen by personal experience where she shared her stories with us.”

Jacqueline Brown

“Michael was a fantastic trainer and had a wealth of stories to share as well as useful insights into PI and how to apply it. I would thoroughly recommend Michael and the course as it was entertaining and fascinating. Thank you!”

Tom Lawrence, Majestic Wine

This course (the Predictive Index Workshop) is invaluable to all who recruit, train, mentor, coach and influence development in every environment.  I cannot be more positive about the whole experience. 3 days of utter enthrallment.  Thank you!

Marianne Bastin, SAS

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