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Unlock the potential of your staff at any stage of the employee life-cycle and simplify complex people decisions with the user-friendly talent assessments we offer.

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Talent assessment systems and
methodologies at a glance

Our DELTA assessment model gives you the freedom to use these powerful tools as stand-alone assessments,
but by using each component together, you can better understand and predict just how well
your new or current employees can contribute to your organisation and deliver results in their roles.

Behavioural Assessment System

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is the foundation of The Predictive Index®. It is a science-based assessment that provides accurate, actionable data quantifying the behavioural demands of job roles and the unique motivating needs and behavioural drives of each employee and potential employee.

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Cognitive Ability Assessment System

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator™  cognitive ability assessment system ensures that you hire candidates and promote people with the learning agility to apply their knowledge and training in their job roles, as well as measuring their learning capacity and performance potential.

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Competency-Based Interview e-Guides

The CATIL® Competency-Based Interview e-Guide makes selecting exceptional employees quick and simple. CATIL allows you to profile a role based on the competencies required for that role. You can then generate customised competency-based interview questions relating to the assessment in a few minutes.

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360° Competency Assessment System

CATIL’s 360 Feedback Competency Assessment System goes far beyond traditional performance evaluations. It makes 360 feedback more meaningful, more impactful and more useful for employees. It also helps managers and leaders understand exactly how their people perceive them.

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Influencing Skills Assessment System

The Influence Skills Assessment Tool™ gives you the power to help any member of your team by improving their ability to influence. This powerful system measures, analyses and assesses skills and competencies across five key aspects of influence. We then help you to improve with the 1 day Influencing For Results (IFR) workshop.

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Selling Skills Assessment System

The Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ diagnoses and measures the selling skills of sales people and evaluates sales team members in five key areas of selling. We can then upskill your sales people with the Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS) workshop and measure the results!

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"We now understand the needs of an individual and how they might contribute best to our organisation AND our success rate in recruitment has also substantially improved!"

Ben Flewett, MD (UK & NL) Software Of Excellence

"Predictive Index® helped us to break down barriers within our leadership team and improve cohesion and team effectiveness. Our team were amazed by the insights of the tool! "

Coleen Highfield, VP HR for Europe & Africa Moneygram

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