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Introducing the CATIL® 360 Competency Assessment & Feedback System

shutterstock_177283136 (Copy)In today’s business world, competency assessments are a critical component of smart talent management strategies. However, most companies rely on assessments that only focus on employees’ general performance, rather than the competencies required for the position.

Performance assessments are often limited to the perspective of an employee’s direct manager, which can result in incomplete feedback that limits the employee’s opportunities for growth. 'Upward' and peer group feedback is equally important for your people.

By obtaining feedback from a range of key contacts, people can improve their strengths and focus their development activities on the areas that matter.

The result is an environment in which every employee and manager plays a vital, supportive role in developing the potential of each team member, resulting in a culture that supports both individual growth and company objectives.

The CATIL 360 online competency assessment helps you develop your people!

Logo_CATIL_360Effective 360 degree assessments factor in the observations of an employee’s manager, their peers, direct reports, and other employees with whom they works. They are based on the competencies necessary for the employee’s position, allowing the assessments to be presented to the employee in an objective, meaningful way.

The CATIL 360 assessment system goes far beyond traditional performance evaluations. It helps senior managers understand exactly how their people perceive them. With our system, you can easily assess specific role competencies as well as individual competencies.

This approach facilitates more productive reviews and allowsmanagement to more accurately identify an employee’s competencies in a given role. With 360 degree assessments, your management and staff also have a launch point from which to conduct productive one-on-one evaluations and coaching sessions.

The CATIL 360 online survey allows you to, very quickly, gather data about an employee’s impact on individuals, teams and your company as a whole. With the CATIL online dashboard, you can also profile specific job roles to target certain competencies and send out online assessments to test for these competencies using the unique CATIL Competency Catalogue.

A competency assessment that takes traditional 360 performance reviews to a new level:

With the CATIL 360 online survey you create a transparent feedback and performance management system. This enables each employee to capitalise on strengths and address lacking competencies that affect their performance in their role .

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