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How many times have you interviewed a job candidate with an impressive education only to discover that they don't perform to your expectation once hired?

It’s a common problem that can lead to increased recruitment and training costs and lost productivity.

You might assume if a person has training or a qualification in the discipline required for a particular position, that hiring them for the role is the obvious choice. However a degree or certificate alone only shows that the person has received the training, not how they will apply it.

It's likely that you don’t just need employees with specialised training and qualifications.

You probably need problem solvers and quick learners!

The more complex the role, the more likely this will be the case. Hiring and promoting people who have the ability to think, learn fast and deal with complex problem solving is essential for any organisation in today’s economy.

The PI Learning Indicator™ fills in the gaps you might miss

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator has, since its launch in 2010, positioned itself as the world’s leading accurate cognitive ability assessment system. It's a scientifically validated management tool that tells you how quickly people learn new things and process complex information. Available in 70+ languages and culturally neutral, if paired with a behavioural assessment tool (like The Predictive Index®), it will provide comprehensive information about an individual’s capacity for performance.

Unique assessment questions generated for every test!

The PI Learning Indicator System generates 50 multiple-choice questions via a question selection algorithm that ensures a balanced mix of question types and difficulty levels.

It produces a comparable difficulty level each time a questionnaire is generated. The different categories of questions are designed to address the perception and processing skills of a person i.e. their cognitive ability.

When your candidate or employee logs into the system, the test is displayed over 10 pages, each containing 5 questions. It is only possible to select one response per question.

The online test is time-constrained and concludes at 12 minutes, with each of the 50 questions divided into different categories, measuring numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning. When the person has completed the exercise, their score is calculated instantly and is made available to the test administrator immediately.

The PI Learning Indicator provides you with numerous benefits:

The underlying principle of measurement in the Predictive Index Learning Indicator is rooted in Charles Edward Spearman’s analysis of human intellect, which identified the ‘factor g’ for general cognitive ability. Research has shown that the higher the level of ‘g’, the higher the level of performance on the job. This correlation is present in all jobs and along all dimensions and helps you better predict the likelihood of success for any candidate or employee, in any given role.

Features of the PI Learning Indicator System:

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