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Introducing the CATIL® Competency-Based Interview e-Guides for managers and HR teams

shutterstock_170919374 (Copy)Unfortunately the wrong recruitment decision can often cost your business up to 5 times the monthly salary of the person you’re replacing.

That's why it's so important to make your interviewing process as effective and objective as possible, in order to get the right people into the right roles.

You need to hire the most suitable person for the job in question. You don’t want to hire the best interviewee, but rather the best candidate for the job.

If you have experience of candidates who interview well, have impressive credentials, tell you what they will do when they join your organisation, but prove not to be as effective as you would have hoped, then you need a more effective and consistent mechanism to identify the talent in your applicants.

Forward-thinking organisations now use competency-based interviews (CBI) to help them take the mystery out of identifying talent. CBI's go beyond traditional interviewing and evaluation techniques and give you the opportunity to explore real-world information about an applicant’s competence to deliver what you need from them.

CATIL Competency-Based Interview e-Guides make selecting exceptional employees easier

Logo_CATIL_e-GuideThe CATIL Interview e-Guide is an online interview preparation tool that provides you with role specific competency-based interview questions - saving you time, stress and guesswork. The unique e-Guide gives you and your interview teams a unique 'interview roadmap' for each job candidate, based on the competencies and behaviours that are needed to achieve success in the role.

With CATIL, you can ask the right questions to find the right people. CATIL takes you through the entire interview process and includes all the data you need to conduct a robust competency based interview (CBI).

Ultimately, the CATIL Interview e-Guide helps you reduce expensive hiring mistakes and hire the right people with the right competencies during your selection process. A job specific interview can be produced in less than 10 minutes. The questions generated allow you to delve into the most important traits, behaviours, attitudes and skills needed for success.

With CATIL Interview eGuide makes it quick and easy to:

Why is the CATIL Competency-Based Interview e-Guide system different?

Unlike other services, we don’t charge you each time you use our system; for one annual fee you can use our system as often as you like! We take a multi-faceted, scientific approach to competency based interviewing and have specialist CBI Skills training workshops available for line managers and HR and Talent professionals.

We've put a lot of research into helping create the most powerful competency based interview, and skills training possible. This means that you can now:

Simply put: CATIL allows you to profile a job based on the competencies required for that role using the online system. The system will then create custom interview questions based on the role assessment and job level. It dramatically reduces the time spent preparing for and conducting interviews.  With this system, you can align behavioural profiling and competency-based questioning to add consistency and accuracy to your assessment processes.

Get started today - here's what's included in this system:

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