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shutterstock_198856733 (Copy)The ability to influence and persuade others effectively is a key skill for any leader and manager in your business.

Having the skill to do this not only gains buy-in for ideas, but also builds more profitable relationships with customers and colleagues alike.

Your people need to be able to communicate concepts clearly and concisely, understand how to obtain 'buy-in' from others, whilst also being able to build trust, push the right buttons and address any hurdles that get thrown in the way.

You need to learn how to 'sell' your ideas from the point of view of your audience, not just your own.

Ensuring you have leaders and managers who can deliver in these areas will assist in the delivery of your growth and financial targets. Without these essential influencing skills, you'll be faced with ongoing resistance to new ideas, proposals and strategies.

Take the guesswork out of developing key influencing skills by using ISAT

ISAT LOGOThe Influence Skills Assessment Tool™ (ISAT) is an easy to administer online assessment system that helps you understand the precise knowledge of influencing skills of your people.

The results of this sophisticated assessment provide you with a simple ‘roadmap’ of key areas of strength and development opportunities.

You’ll discover exactly where the influencing blind spots are and what needs to be done to address them. ISAT provides concrete data on this universally required business skill and is ideal for evaluating and diagnosing the current competence of those who need to influence others to adopt ideas and gain acceptance on projects and solutions.

This powerful system measures influencing skills across five key areas

Improve your skills quickly with the Influencing for Results Workshop

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The ability to influence others constructively and effectively is a skill that can be learned and developed by anyone who wants to communicate their ideas persuasively, build relationships and gain buy-in from others.

The Influencing for Results (IFR) workshop is an immediate skill lift training course and before the workshop, the Influence Skills Assessment Tool (ISAT) is used to benchmark current influencing skill competencies of the delegates, in each of the five core influencing areas.

The 1 day instructor-led workshop strengthens the ability of  your people to create impact with others. They learn how to build rapport and trust, how to establish the position of their audience, how to present their case constructively, how to achieve consensus/buy-in and overcome obstacles if need be and how to ensure that ongoing trust and rapport exists.

The IFR programme teaches your delegates, in a very practical way, how to quickly turn their learning into action with colleagues, customers, suppliers and customers.

The ISAT assessment and IFR workshop make it easier for you to:

By identifying areas for development, you can save time and money by customising the training solution to address the right areas. Use the ISAT assessment to measure influencing skills; and once you’ve pinpointed the blind spots, we’ll take them through the proprietary Influencing For Results Workshop to allow them to implement what they’ve learned. We can also evaluate their learning and re-assess their influencing skills 6-12 months later.

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