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The Predictive Index® uncovers what really makes your people tick

Matching the right people to the right positions and keeping them motivated is critical to the long-term success of any business. Motivated and talented employees can dramatically increase the efficiency of your organisation.

If you are looking for new staff, or if you are considering placing an existing employee in a new role, you need to make sure that the person’s motivations, talents and mindset are in alignment with those required for the new role.

Companies who have traditionally relied on CVs, basic interviews and gut feeling to select employees are subject to a wide margin of error, with the end result being employees who are either overwhelmed, underchallenged or just not a good fit for a particular role.

The Predictive Index helps you set people up for success from the onset

NEW PI WHEEL V3The Predictive Index® is a highly-accurate and well-validated behavioural assessment tool that helps you hire, develop and retain your employees using reliable, science-based data. It's easy to understand and easily implement by line management as well as HR and Talent professionals.

PI® not only reduces the risk of poor recruitment decisions, but it also allows you to build high-performing teams that go the extra mile. It goes beyond traditional methods of assessing people, by measuring four fundamental behavioural drives that each individual has within their make up, to a greater or lesser degree.

By matching these drives to the behavioural expectations of a role, through the use of the PI Job Assessment (formerly the PRO), we can provide a fit/gap analysis and help you predict success in any given role in your organisation.

Working with The Predictive Index develops the ability of your managers to understand employees’ motivations, their expected behaviours and facilitates productive and effective people management across the entire employee life cycle. We teach managers how to set their people up for success.

The Predictive Index makes it simple to get the best out of yourself and your team

We make it easy for everyone involved to prepare for interviews, feedback and appraisal discussions. With our business model you independently administer unlimited assessments for one fixed annual fee. 60,000+ professionals in over 8,000 companies across the world currently use the Predictive Index System to make more informed decisions about their people and teams.

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"We now understand the needs of an individual and how they might contribute best to our organisation AND our success rate in recruitment has also substantially improved!"

Ben Flewett, MD (UK & NL) Software Of Excellence

"Predictive Index® helped us to break down barriers within our leadership team and improve cohesion and team effectiveness. Our team were amazed by the insights of the tool! "

Coleen Highfield, VP HR for Europe & Africa Moneygram

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