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shutterstock_129169991 (Copy)If you’re tired of wasting time and your company’s valuable resources developing and training existing sales people that are simply not as effective as you need them to be, then let us talk to you about having access to a system that can help you transform your sales force into the best skilled sales professionals.

As you know, developing a strong, professional sales team can give you a major competitive advantage, but it's easier said than done.

The problem for many sales managers is that they often don't know what makes their top-performing people successful, or how to motivate and retain the sales people who deliver the right results.

Different businesses need different types of sales people to achieve desired revenue objectives, but it's not always easy to know what kind of salesperson will be most successful in your business, with your clients and customers.

Discover the competence level of your sales teams with the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™

SSAT-w-text-300x128The SSAT is an online selling skills assessment tool which measures your salespeople's knowledge of the consultative sales process.

SSAT lets you see just how easy it is to diagnose your sales people's problems and the team as a whole, highlight the top-performers in and identify what needs to be done to develop the right kind of sales professionals, without trial and error or guesswork.

Using this powerful sales team improvement system, you can develop sales people to become top performers with science-based accuracy.

The SSAT assessment system is backed by scientific research, with the goal of training your sales people to become the 'best of the best', giving you the advantage of having sales people who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about working for you!

The tool provides the specific data required to address what needs to be done to increase the sales production and customer interaction skills of your whole team by giving you an objective look at people’s strengths, skills and areas for improvement.

When you choose to use the Selling Skills Assessment Tool, you'll be provided with an accurate summary of the consultative selling skills knowledge of individuals, teams and the company as a whole. Questionnaires are available for multiple sales positions and industries, to mirror your specific business selling situation. The straightforward online survey assesses the five critical skills essential for a customer-focused and consultative approach to selling.

The SSAT helps your salespeople improve 5 essential selling skills

Rocketboost Sales Skills with the Customer-Focused Selling™ workshop

CFS-w-text-300x163Our system integrates perfectly with a 'Diagnose-Train-Evaluate' development model, in which we identify areas for improvement in your sales team with SSAT, and then up-skill your people with the unique Customer-Focused Selling™ Workshop.

CFS is a 1 or 2 day sales training workshop for sales teams, marketing teams, commercial managers and customer service professionals who want to build longer-lasting client relationships that generate more revenue and more credibility for their organisation or brand.

The biggest advantage with CFS is the simple process through which you’ll learn to build more profitable relationships with different kinds of clients and prospects and become a more trusted partner in the process.

Instead of learning how to 'craft your message' and then 'convince' your client to buy, we teach you a far smarter way of gaining trust and buy-in from your key client accounts and prospects.

Developing the selling skills of your sales force with SSAT and CFS has plenty of benefits:

This powerful selling skills assessment system helps you quantify and improve the skills needed to execute a successful customer-focused and consultative approach to selling, manage a high-performing sales organisation, assess the areas of strength and development opportunities within your organisation and then train your sales forces to master those skills to achieve better sales results. SSAT tests are available on a per-assessment basis, so you can control your costs plus they’re multi-lingual and free from bias.

Get started today - here are the features of this system:

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