Here's what Realising Potential is all about

We’re a UK-based talent management consulting companyemployee assessment provider
and professional coaching company that works closely with business owners, HR managers
and leaders to realise their individual potential, as well as that of their teams.

Here's how we can help your business

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    Identifying hidden workforce potential

    Everybody has their own natural talents and abilities, but they’re not always easy to spot. We can help you work with yours and to uncover those in your employees so that you can achieve extraordinary things.

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    Happy employees = productive teams

    We know that having the right people in the right roles will help you and your business to perform better. Employees who are naturally suited to their role are more productive and more engaged.

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    Maximise your employees' contribution

    We give you the talent management tools and continuous training you need to make it easier to help everyone in your organisation maximise their personal contribution.

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    Support to achieve long term success

    We’ll help you to succeed in everything you do. By giving you access to our exclusive range of tools, our expertise and our continued support we’ll make sure that you realise your potential and achieve success.

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    Better people decisions with data-driven talent analytics

    By tapping into the hidden potential of each and every one of your employees you’ll see just how powerful it can be to have science-based workforce analytics at your fingertips that show you precisely how to lead, motivate and inspire your people.

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Meet The Management Team

Fiona Brookwell and Michael Jones make up the management partnership behind RPX2. They bring a powerful suite of people management tools and more than 50 years of senior management experience to help you manage your people and get the most out of yourself and your team.

Having supported hundreds of professionals and senior managers over the last 15 years, they're passionate about helping you to realise YOUR potential too!

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