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We support 100's of HR Professionals, Senior Executives and People Managers across the UK.

For HR Directors & Managers

You want to build an organisation that people love to work in, but how do you know if your employees are happy and engaged in their current roles?

Do you have the HR tools you need to attract, select and develop top talent or are you still wasting time and money on subjective and unstructured recruitment processes?

We'll work with you and your HR team to:

For Business Owners & Senior Leaders

Are all your people working towards your vision? Do you have the right people in the right places to achieve your long term goals? How will you identify future leaders for your business? Is your workforce adding to or subtracting from your competitiveness?

We'll work with you and your leadership team to:

For Senior Managers & Team Leaders

Is your team performing to their potential? Do you know how to motivate and engage each of your employees in the right way to retain them in your business?

How do you deal with underperformance in your team? Are your staff leaving without any apparent reason?

We'll work with you and your management team to:

"We now understand the needs of an individual and how they might contribute best to our organisation AND our success rate in recruitment has also substantially improved!"

Ben Flewett, MD (UK & NL) Software Of Excellence

"Predictive Index® helped us to break down barriers within our leadership team and improve cohesion and team effectiveness. Our team were amazed by the insights of the tool! "

Coleen Highfield, VP HR for Europe & Africa Moneygram

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