Our Values and Foundations

They help us help you build a profitable organisation filled with motivated and engaged people

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    We work in a collaborative and open way with our clients and always remain ethical in our training approach and assessment methods.

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    We are trusted advisors to our clients and partners and always deliver our services in the most professional manner possible.

  • 3


    We know that trust is the basis of all healthy relationships. We work with all of our clients on the foundation of mutual trust.

  • 4


    We have respect for all individuals, whatever background, creed or denomination. Our approach respects and celebrates the differences between us all.

  • 5


    We maintain the highest standards of fairness and truth in our interactions with clients and partners. We are honest and open in all our interactions.

  • 6


    Our consulting and coaching approach is one of openness and authenticity. We also ensure the highest levels of transparency in the assessment methods and tools we use.

  • 7


    Everything we do is in unison with our clients. We know that 1 + 1 equals far more than 2. This is the essence of RPX2.

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    Adding Value

    We aim to add value to every organisation and individual we work with. Our aim is to deliver high quality work and results that are worth far more than the financial investment our clients make.

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