What Is Predictive Index

What is Predictive Index?

Have ever wondered how to hire the very best people for your business?

Would you like to be able to predict how successful a job candidate will really be?

Do you like the idea of knowing exactly what motivates your employees, so that you can keep them productive and engaged?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’ll love the Predictive Index.

What is Predictive Index, exactly?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

Predictive Index is a proven methodology that gives business leaders and managers the ability to understand how to motivate and mobilise their employees to fulfil their own potential and achieve the goals of the organisation.

It’s a system to help you profile the behavioural demands of any role in your organisation and then to hire and develop the kind of people who are naturally able to excel within that specific role.

Essentially, Predictive Index (PI) gives you a toolset of scientifically-validated assessments – available through a powerful online platform – that you can use to attract, hire, develop and retain the kind of people who will help your organisation grow.

PI also provides you with valuable information on the motivating needs and behavioural drives of an individual.

It also offers deeper personal insights into:

  • Decision- making ability
  • Relationship to risk
  • Communication style
  • Management style
  • Selling style
  • Ability to handle change

Ultimately, Predictive Index gives you highly useful and practical information about how a person is motivated AND what their individual needs look like.

Armed with this data, you’re able to identify better candidates, hire the right people for your business or organisation, and offer the right kind of development opportunities to every employee.

Interested in how it all works?

Click this link to talk to one of our consultants , or watch this video to discover more.

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