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Case Studies

Every business challenge is a people challenge. Every business decision is a people decision. Find out how some organisations have benefited from using the scientifically-validated talent assessments in our product range to successfully resolve issues around hiring, employee development, team performance, employee engagement and much more.

Exciting Team Type discovery at The Basement Project

The team at the Basement Project “are buzzing about being an Anchoring Team” What is The Basement Project? The Basement Project is an independent charity local to Worcestershire in the […]

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How to turn better employee engagement into enhanced productivity

“The questions that were asked in the survey brought to life a lot of issues because it was much more detailed in terms of the dimensionality of the questions, but […]

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How the Redstone Search Group avoid costly hiring mistakes

“There is nothing more costly than the wrong hire” The Redstone Search Group Ltd (Redstone Commodity Search / / Redstone Private Banking Search) provides executive search solutions for the global […]

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“You need to understand what drives individuals in your workplace”

“Whether it’s one person, or hundreds, you need to understand what drives individuals in your workplace. PI provides the tools to help you get there.” Find out this client used […]

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“I wanted to feel with passion and conviction that I had hired the perfect person”

This company did not have a formal recruiting process in place and were growing very quickly. With the help of the Predictive Index tools, they could hire the right person […]

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“As a rapidly growing organisation, we had an opportunity to hire more aggressively”

Find out how this company successfully used The Predictive Index tools and the concept of Talent Optimization to scale its recruitment efforts – and to empower existing employees to grow. […]

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“PI Team Discovery – you actually come away with an actionable plan”

Find out how this client successfully restructured several teams using PI Design and the new PI Team Discovery tool. They mapped out small changes to existing teams to improve team […]

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“It’s really important we hold close to our top performers”

This company did not have a firm strategy for remote working. But with COVID-19 and social distancing mandates, the senior leaders knew that they had to adapt their strategy and […]

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