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How to turn better employee engagement into enhanced productivity

Posted by: sabine-robinson

“The questions that were asked in the survey brought to life a lot of issues because it was much more detailed in terms of the dimensionality of the questions, but also because people truly felt it was a confidential survey”

Although this company was rewarding employees for their hard work, they still hadn’t cracked the code on retention. They needed a better tool to measure engagement.

They had already started to use the PI Hire solution as a recruitment and onboarding tool, when their Talent Optimization Consultant mentioned the PI Diagnose solution, comprising the Employee Experience Survey™ and Take Action on Engagement workshop.

They introduced the survey to their employees, covering everything from what to expect to confidentiality. They followed up with reminder emails, and additional communications after launching the survey to field any lingering questions. Leadership buy-in and frequent touchpoints paid off: more than 80% of employees completed the survey.

Implementing the tailored action plan increased productivity by fixing broken processes and improving communication between teams, and much more…

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