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Organisational Management Review Launch

Change is ongoing in all businesses today, on some level. As the world advances, organisations must do the same to keep ahead of the tide. For some companies this involves small adjustments, however many are faced with large scale organisational…

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The power of persuasion: building influence in the workplace

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be able to persuade others to do anything? It can be awe inspiring to see this particular skill at work, but there are simple techniques that you can apply that will…

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Do You Have a Strategy for Managing Virtual Teams? Part 1

Part 1: Why is thinking about remote working important? This first section of this two-part blog highlights reasons why it is useful for your business to think about your approach to managing virtual teams now.  Next week’s blog will ponder…

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Can managers find any positives after layoffs and redundancies?

How to find the positives in having to reduce your workforce As some sectors of the global economy are recovering from the impact of the global pandemic, others continue to struggle. The summer 2020 Labour Market Outlook by the CIPD…

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Your sales journey starts when your prospect says “No”

Selling to interested buyers is easy; the challenge comes when your prospect utters the word ‘No’. Rather than shrug your shoulders and accept it, fight to overcome those sales objections. Some sales people are eager to take on the challenge…

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Does your talent pipeline have a leak that needs fixing?

Like an increasing number of managers or HR professionals, you might be discovering the growing importance of developing a truly watertight talent pipeline? And why it can positively impact the long-term future of your company and your workforce?

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Women in Leadership: Anita Roddick

Much has been written about the late, great Dame Anita Roddick, visionary founder of the Body Shop, ethical British business leader and socially-poised entrepreneur extraordinaire. This could be partly due to the fact that she founded and grew one of…

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