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Use objective insights to foster a culture of self-awareness, create inspiring leadership and keep your people engaged and motivated

Strategic approach to

Employee and leadership development

The Employee Perspectives Survey suggests that nearly half of the respondents seeking new employment believe that their current job does not make good use of their skills and abilities. Job dissatisfaction is one of the four forces driving employee disengagement. Other contributing factors are a disconnect with their manager, team or the organisation’s culture.

But how can you truly know what your employees need to be engaged and successful? Are your managers aware of how their leadership style impacts others? Are the review sessions at your company constructive and meaningful? Do individual team members know how to best work with each other to reach their goals? Does your company offer tailored career paths? Does your executive team have the right tools and insights to provide inspiring leadership?

Happy employees go the extra mile, disengaged employees eventually leave. High employee turnover negatively impacts an organisation’s performance.



The Predictive Index

Inspire solution

Without data-driven insights and awareness into your employees’ own workplace behaviours and those of others, you could be faced with communication challenges, conflict and even organisational toxicity.

The PI Inspire solution combines scientifically-validated employee management software with professional workshops and the support of our Talent Optimization experts.

This powerful framework empowers your organisation to bring out the best in your people and create cohesive teams that reach their goals. It helps each individual to understand what drives them and others, and supports managers to lead them accordingly. This culture of self-awareness fosters employee engagement, cooperation, inspiring leadership and great business results.

As a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, we give you the tools and knowledge to future-proof your company and set your people up for success.


Discover the benefits of using reliable people data from the best workforce analytics. Inspire your people, and easily verify and evaluate your people decisions in any given business context. Remove the guesswork from managing your people so you can:

  • Foster a culture of self-awareness
  • Really understand what makes your people tick and manage them accordingly
  • Give your managers access to scientific tools, and empower them to provide the best possible leadership
  • Successfully manage workplace relationships and avoid conflict
  • Enable successful team collaboration and dynamics and build outstanding teams
  • Identify high potential and map tailored career paths
  • Improve employee engagement and retention
  • Develop and protect your company culture

“Organisationally, we now have the opportunity to use The Predictive Index as a way to ensure the right person is placed in the right position, and once in the position, how to employ appropriate and effective communication and management strategies” – Bill U., Henry Schein


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