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Objective people data helps you to interview effectively, recruit the right person for the right job, develop a strategic onboarding plan for your new employees and design a succession plan for growth and business success

Strategic approach to

Recruitment, onboarding and succession planning

The latest HR trends show that recruiters need to continue to be able to work with increasing levels of ambiguity and make ‘best fit’ decisions. It is therefore more important than ever for companies to have an effective interview and recruitment strategy for both internal and external hires.

Are you swamped with applications and need an easy way of streamlining applicants? Are your job advertisements attracting high potential candidates? How can you ensure that your internal or external candidate is the best behavioural and cognitive fit for the role? How can you take the guesswork out of your interview and recruitment process? Is your onboarding process effective? Will your recruits be motivated and engaged in their new role? Who can take on new challenges?


The Predictive Index

Hire solution

Recruiting the wrong person for the job is costly. The Predictive Index Hire Solution combines powerful online recruitment software with expert consultancy and management training.

The software provides a clear and intuitive pathway for your internal and external recruitment needs – from designing the behavioural and cognitive targets for any job to interviewing and reviewing candidates. You can use the insights gleaned to write compelling job adverts which will help you attract a more targeted and suitable cohort of candidates for any open position.

Our expert consultants are on hand to provide guidance along every stage and the professional workshops are designed to help your managers and business get the most out of the tools.


The Predictive Index hiring tools are founded on over 60 years of reliable science so that you can confidently

  • Take the guesswork out of your hiring process and remove bias
  • Tailor your candidate search to the needs of the job and attract the right candidates
  • Predict whether your future employee will be successful in their role
  • Streamline your candidate review and interview process
  • Provide your managers with a fail-safe way to successfully tailor the onboarding process, and keep your new recruits engaged
  • Find and identify future potential
  • Put succession plans in place that support your plans for growth
  • Avoid hiring mistakes
  • Protect your employer brand

“We have more qualified hires, and we have been able to make our onboarding process more efficient” – Matt R., Encore Companies


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