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Use scientific people data to create cohesive and self-aware teams that are optimally aligned with their goals to minimise friction and set them up for success

A strategic approach to

Team dynamics and team performance

With 46% of companies now adopting fully remote or hybrid work models, effective teamwork has never been so important. Your people at every level are the powerful link that helps you translate your company’s business strategy into the desired results. But 88% of teams are not aligned with their strategy.

A disconnect with the team or its goals is one of the four forces of employee disengagement. We might all remember the inspiring feeling of working on a team that knows and trusts each other. But how can you build a dream team? Do you know for sure how your team can work best together? Are they behaviourally aligned to the strategy they pursue? What if the goals change? Are they aware of each others’ strengths and challenges? Who can flex and stretch?


The Predictive Index

Design Solution

Your teams are made up of individuals with different behavioural and motivational needs and drives. Unlocking exactly how each team member is likely to behave, communicate and work is central to ensuring that they are aligned with their role, the team’s strategy and the overall business goals. Without the insights from objective behavioural and team data, managing your team is largely left to guesswork. Wouldn’t it be great to be sure?

The PI Design solution combines science with expert consultancy and management training. The PI Team Discovery tool let’s you assess your team’s strategic goals and behavioural style side-by-side so you can visualise exactly where the team is suited to succeed and where they may need to stretch.


PI Design is built on solid scientific research so that you can confidently:

  • Manage your teams – irrespective of their location
  • Keep your leadership, critical and operational teams strategically aligned with the work to be done – even in times of change
  • Develop appropriate action plans to address any fit gaps
  • Create agile teams
  • Foster awareness of each individual’s needs and drives and those of others, and their likely impact on workplace relations and team dynamics
  • Keep your team members engaged and set them up for success
  • Predict the likely team dynamics and reduce team friction

88% of teams are not aligned with their strategy. Is yours?


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