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Is your team performing at its best?

1:1 Talent Strategy Session

Why not get the custom guidance needed to hire, design, and inspire high-performing teams, and overcome any obstacle - whatever the setting?

Data-driven approach to

Dream teams

Keeping your teams engaged and on target can be challenging at the best of times – but even more so in a virtual setting. Perhaps your team is showing signs of stress or burnout? Maybe they are struggling with trust, cohesion, engagement or accountability?

Irrespective of current economic, physical, social and mental obstacles, team leaders are tasked with inspiring their people and with building high-performing teams.

In this hybrid world of working, understanding what drives and motivates your people and how they can better work together is key.

Why not book a 1:1 Talent Strategy Session with one of our experienced Talent Optimization Consultants to learn more about your own leadership style? It is designed to help you unravel your team challenges, so that you can save time and energy, and concentrate on the bigger picture.


What to expect

How does the 1:1 Talent Strategy Session work?

Our expert consultancy is powered by scientifically-validated software tools to help you visualise and analyse challenges, opportunities, and blockages to your team’s chances to succeed



Gain a deeper understanding of your own strengths, challenges, team fit and leadership style, and the potential impact


Your team

Uncover and analyse your team's collective behavioural pattern, their group dynamic, strengths and challenges


The strategy

Overlay your business goals so you can visualise your team's behavioral identity and their strategic goals side-by-side


Next steps

Get clear, actionable and data-backed recommendations to improve communication, accountability and engagement within your team

1:1 Talent Strategy Session

The format

Learn how you can inspire any critical team in your organisation to reach its goals:


1:1 Talent Strategy Session

The benefits

The 1:1 Talent Strategy Session provides you with all the insights that you need to transform your teams, so you can execute your strategy with confidence:

  • Receive tailored guidance on how to build and lead teams in the new workspace
  • Apply scientifically-validated people metrics from the unique PI Team Discovery tool and gain objective insights into your team’s performance and dynamics
  • Visually map where your team’s collective behavioural drive is positioned in relation to their goals, and identify strengths and gaps
  • Whether you are back in the office, working remotely, or somewhere in between, discover how to set your team up for success and avoid friction
  • Leave with an actionable plan of next steps to create engaged high-performing teams

The workplace is changing. Why not navigate that change with confidence? Book a session with an expert to drive your team’s performance in any climate.


“You have to empower and inspire people. This is the tool that will make it happen.” – Andy, Six Factor

Sharing the secret of Talent Optimization

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