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Understand what drives people

Behavioral Assessment

This science-backed PI Behavioral Assessment™ allows you to delve deep into the behavioural characteristics and motivational needs of your candidates and employees, and predict their likely workplace behaviour

One quick and simple tool

Deep insights into your people

How well do you really know your people? Does your new recruit’s behaviour not quite match what you saw in the interview? Why is there friction in your team?

Research shows that talent assessments are some of the best predictors of future job performance. The better a person’s natural motivating drives and needs are matched to the requirements of a job, the more likely they are to be engaged and succeed.

The PI Behavioral Assessment is a science-based online tool that helps you map a person’s behaviour into four motivational drives. These drives, and their relation to each other, define a person’s core behavioural pattern. This in turn helps you understand the individual’s natural needs, and the likely associated workplace behaviour.

Use these insights to hire the right candidate for the job, design high-performing teams, identify the root of workplace friction and inspire employees to perform.


Discover what makes your people tick

How does the PI Behavioral Assessment work?


The Assessment

Survey takers are presented with two lists of adjectives: one to describe the way others expect them to act, and one to select what they feel describes them


The four factors

Each adjective is associated with one of the four key factors that determine workplace behaviour: dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality


Behavioural profile

The assessment algorithm then creates a behavioural profile, which highlights the main behavioural needs and motivational drives


Reference profile

Each individual is assigned a Reference Profile which is a shorthand way of talking about what drives and motivates them


In-built guides

Use the in-built tools such as the Relationship or Coaching Guide, or the Personal or Manager Development Chart to address your specific people challenges

The PI Behavioral Assessment

How does it benefit our clients?

The powerful insights from the PI Behavioral Assessment can help you make the best possible people decisions:

  • Since the 1950s, thousands of businesses around the globe have used the EFPA-certified PI Behavioral Assessment to better understand the behavioural traits that make their people tick
  • It is an untimed, free choice, stimulus-response tool that objectively measures an individual’s motivating drives and needs
  • Match your candidate’s behavioural and motivating needs to the job requirements, and get valuable insights into their likely workplace behaviour
  • Strategically select the right people for all positions to set them up for success and avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Give your managers powerful tools to hire, onboard and manage their people effectively
  • Create a self-aware organisation based on trust where everyone is aware of each other’s needs, motivations and challenges
  • Build high-performing, cohesive and cooperative teams
  • Identify and analyse the root cause of any workplace conflicts, and resolve them constructively
  • Coach, motivate and develop your employees appropriately to keep them engaged
  • Identify the right candidates for promotions, optimise your succession planning and create an effective leadership team
  • Improve the communication style in your company

This simple data-driven framework let’s you see beneath the surface, so you can better understand and predict your employees’ and candidates’ workplace behaviours.

Behavioural testing, combined with an understanding of cognitive ability, can dramatically improve all your people decisions and ensure that your goals are met.

Over 25 million PI Behavioral Assessments and more than 350 validity studies have been completed, and it complies with the rigorous test review model of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA)

Client Stories and

Case Studies

Every business challenge is a people challenge. Every business decision is a people decision. Find out how some organisations have benefited from using the scientifically-validated talent assessments in our product range to successfully resolve issues around hiring, employee development, team performance, employee engagement and much more.

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What our clients say

Logicalis – I don’t think there’s any other tool out there that provides as much value to a company as The Predictive Indexicon

"I don't think there's any other tool out there that provides as much value to a company as The Predictive Index. It's a great time saver and assessment tool. They've got everything covered."

Diana M.


Motif – every organization should be encouraged to use the Predictive Index toolicon

"I strongly believe that every organization should be encouraged to use the Predictive Index tool. It has helped me not only to recruit the right talent but also to retain and get the best out of our current team members, which shows up on the bottom line."

Nandini N.

Motif Interiors Decoration DMCC

Software of Excellence – I’ve gone from being completely sceptical of psychometric analysisicon

"I’ve gone from being completely sceptical of psychometric analysis to being almost religious in my use of this particular tool."

Ben F.

Software of Excellence

Inc. Talent Optimization quoteicon

"Only with a people-first talent optimization mindset can you build remote teams to last."




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