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Data-driven sales training

Customer-Focused Selling (CFS)

Use objective assessment data to build high-performing sales teams with a strong customer focus

A strategic approach to

Customer-focused selling

Business norms are changing. This has a profound impact on sales teams. Customers are reassessing their relationships and interactions with suppliers and salespeople. The focus has moved from looking for the best deal to considering who is there to help them.

Each member of your sales team is a representative of your company. They are also tasked with clinching the deal. So, how do you know whether your sales team is best equipped to be effective, be your ambassador, and follow a customer-focused sales approach?

Use a data-driven approach to take the mystery out of your sales performance. Give your sales team the tools to better understand themselves and their prospects.

The CFS Customer Focused Selling Workshop from The Predictive Index combines the insights from a robust selling skills assessment with targeted learning. It helps participants to quantify and improve the necessary skills to execute a strategic approach to selling.


Customer focused selling

What will you learn?


The Selling Skills Assessment

Before the workshop, every participant takes the SSAT to get insights into fits and gaps in their selling techniques


The Behavioral Assessment

Complete the PI Behavioral Assessment to decode your own workplace behaviours and their impact on your selling style


Listening Skills

Hone more effective listening and communication skills to positively guide client conversations


Your client's perspective

Understand the perspective of a prospect, respond to their different buying styles, and determine the best way of demonstrating product value


Consultative approach

Successfully implement a consultative and customer-focused sales approach, and address any gaps in your sales skills

CFS Customer focused selling

The format

The workshop is a blend of knowledge transfer, exercises and practical activities:

  • The workshop is facilitated around the globe by our expert sales consultants who are PI certified and have extensive experience in sales performance management, coaching and the customer-focused sales methodology
  • It can be provided as an in-house workshop, and tailored to the needs of your organisation
  • It can be delivered virtually spread over shorter online sessions, or as a classroom-based workshop over one or two days
  • Who should attend: Account Executives, Sales Representatives, Business Developers, Client Success Managers, Sales Professionals – essentially anyone who is tasked with hitting sales targets
  • Starting with an objective analysis of the sales skills in your company, the course allows you to identify strengths and areas of improvement, and address them
  • The PI Behavioral Assessment helps increase awareness in your sales team, as they will better understand the impact of their own behavioural traits on their sales technique

CFS Customer focused selling

The benefits

Participants receive job aids and tools that help them understand prospects – and themselves – better. They can then tailor their selling style accordingly to maximise results:

  • This consultative sales methodology can be used for both existing clients and prospects
  • Enables sales teams to clearly and appropriately articulate the value of your products and services
  • The workshop provides a solid consultative sales methodology, so your sales team is best equipped to sell while taking the prospect’s or client’s viewpoint into account
  • Uncovers how to ask for the business, handle objections, gain agreement and win the business, even when there are multiple decision-makers
  • The strategic approach to selling capitalises on the talent and strengths of your team
  • A streamlined sales process, and increased rates of referral business
  • After the workshop allow for your sales people to practice their learning – reinforced with coaching. They can then take the Selling Skills Assessment again to gauge progress or address any remaining gaps.

The targeted development of the sales skills at your organisation will positively impact sales performance. Through customer-focused selling, your salespeople can successfully build long-term customer relationships and increase cross-selling opportunities.


“This workshop has allowed me to conduct my sales discussions and negotiations more systematically and with confidence.”

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