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Employee Engagement Consultancy

Employee Experience Coaching

Why not draw on the vast expertise of our PI Associates to help you manage your employee engagement project?

Combine data with expert consultancy and

Tackle your engagement issues

Research shows that the top drivers of employee engagement relate to the organisation itself, and how it treats its people. But what if you could create an engaged workforce that is connected with your company and its culture?

Identifying what truly impacts engagement at your company is the first step in tackling any performance, productivity and staff turnover challenges that you might have.

Combining professional consulting and coaching with a reputable employee engagement survey like the PI Employee Experience Survey can turn your workforce and organisational culture into a competitive advantage.

But interpreting the survey results, and producing a streamlined action plan can be a daunting prospect for busy leaders. Time is of the essence. Inaction leaves employees feeling that their voices are not heard. But what do the results really mean? How and where should you start?

Why not let the expert PI Consultants at Predictive Advantage help you take the pressure out of managing your employee engagement project?


Coaching where and when it matters

What to expect from Employee Experience Coaching

Your expert PI Consultant will guide you through all aspects of the PI Employee Experience project:



To ensure the seamless and successful execution, we work with you to identify your key business objectives and set clear expectations



We guide you to drive high survey participation from your employees to maximise the insights gained from the engagement project



We assist with interpreting the data for accurate benchmarking of critical strengths and opportunities, and aligning stakeholders on key challenges both at leadership and team level


Take action

To improve employee engagement, we help you design and coordinate meaningful short and long-term action plans that truly reflect the working experience of your employees

Employee Experience Coaching

The format and benefits

We provide expert guidance on creating an engagement project that will spark positive change at all levels:

Who leads this session?

  • Employee Experience coaching is delivered by our global management consultants who are experts in PI science and practice
  • Drawing on over 20 years of business and consulting experience, we are here to help drive and maintain engagement throughout your company in the short and long-term
  • The session can be delivered remotely or in person
  • It can be fully tailored to your company’s particular situation and requirements

Employee Experience Coaching

How will it impact your organisation?

  • Objectively identify and strategically address engagement issues that can harm your organisation
  • Support in executing and troubleshooting engagement initiatives to ensure success
  • A clear path to building trust with employees by creating transparency about what drives engagement in your company
  • Build and execute long-term improvement action plans in a timely manner
  • Spark and drive positive change at your organisation

Connect with us to find out more on how RPX2 Ltd can help you make your company an even better place to work.


“9 out of 10 influencers of employee engagement involve the company and its senior leaders”

PI Employee Engagement Report

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