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Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Our experienced Leadership Coaches are on hand to help every leader at your company maximise their potential and make your company the best it can be

Professional Executive Coaching is

Essential for business growth

Managing economic pressures, remote teams and a changing labour market can be deeply challenging. Worrying statistics show that burnout amongst leaders is on the increase. They are feeling the weight of their responsibility for business results and for the welfare of their people.

An experienced Executive Coach can help clients process through stressors, challenges, opportunities and problems in a safe and objective environment.

Executive coaching is a powerful, focused and effective development tool for any senior leader in any organisation. According to a statistical analysis, 53% of executives reported increased productivity following professional leadership coaching.

If you are a business owner, executive or CEO who is committed to team and self-development, working with an experienced Executive Coach offers a proven way to remove blockages to success, increase self-awareness and improve productivity.


The stages of the

Executive Coaching process


Establishing the objective

Define the purpose of the coaching interaction (development, career, performance, etc), arrive at a mutual understanding of the desired outcome


Assessing of the situation

Gaining a deeper understanding of the coachee’s situation through exploratory and open conversations in a safe and positive environment


Providing feedback

Hearing fact-based observations and suggestions from your coach is a powerful source for increasing self-awareness and seeing new ideas


Identifying goals

Setting measurable and achievable goals is where the assessment and feedback turn into action to accomplish the purpose of the conversation


Follow-up support

Following up on progress ensures accountability and provides encouragement for the coaching participant to reach their goals

Executive Coaching

What to expect

Why choose Executive Coaching at RPX2?

  • Our Executive Coaches have over 20 years of relevant business and coaching experience
  • Many are members of professional organisations upholding industry-standards such as the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches
  • They have a passion for understanding what drives people and for harnessing that knowledge to help them be what they are meant to be
  • They are masters at making the coaching participant feel at ease, and provide a positive and open coaching environment
  • All coaching conversations are handled with the utmost confidentiality, sensitivity and objectivity
  • We can be flexible: the coaching conversation can be conducted either virtually or in-person
  • To ensure success, coaching at RPX2 is entirely person-centric and driven by the specific situation of the individual coaching participant

Executive Coaching

What to expect

Our Executive Coaches:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the big picture through active listening, and provide objective external observations and insights
  • Work with your strengths so that you can maximise your experiences at work and realise your potential
  • Increase self-awareness in leaders
  • Empower you to realise your challenges, arrive at a remedial plan and overcome blockages
  • Enable powerful and results-focused action fuelled by greater clarity of mind
  • Boost confidence and foster an ‘I can’ attitude by addressing limiting beliefs
  • Can help with resolving leadership issues such as development and confidence, managing high-performance teams, career pathing, effective communication, agile leadership, organisational culture – in a nutshell anything that might keep leaders up at night

44% of high-performing organisations actively budget for leadership coaching

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