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Insightful team-based workshops

High Performance Series

Turn any team into a powerhouse - use scientific people data to discover your collective team type, and ensure that your team is strategically aligned with their goals

Use a proven framework to

Build accountable and cohesive teams

For three-quarters of employers teamwork is a factor that significantly impacts the company’s success, but 39% of employees report a lack of cooperation. How can you build collaborative and cohesive teams that are strategically aligned with their goals?

The two-part PI High Performance Workshop Series lets you uncover the collective behavioural disposition of your team, and visually compare this with the job to be done. Based on the science-backed insights from the unique PI Team Discovery tool, you can then identify your team’s strengths, potential challenges, and outline the appropriate next steps.

The workshops are led by a Talent Optimization expert, and are crafted exclusively for PI Design subscribers. They are run as in-house workshops so that our expert trainers can focus exclusively on your company’s needs.

Build united and supportive teams that are set up for success, even when they work remotely.


High Performance Series

Discovering your Team Type

Discovering Your Team Type is the first of two workshops in The High Performance Series. Part science, part team building, part self-discovery, it highlights how your team communicates, makes decisions, and resolves conflict:

  • This 2-hour workshop can be delivered virtually or in person, and is focused on team dynamics
  • Gain an understanding of each team member’s behavioural needs, motivational drives and work style
  • Learn a common language to better understand and appreciate the strengths that each individual brings to the team
  • Uncover the group’s specific Team Type – a catalyst to creating a group identity, a sense of pride and ownership, lasting cohesion, and effective collaboration
  • Gain insights into the team’s collective work style, strengths, and potential challenges
  • The team will leave with a clear action plan of next steps to positively impact cooperation and team harmony

No team is effective without trust and communication. With the help of an expert facilitator, this workshop helps you build a self-aware and trusting team.


“A team is a collection of dynamic energy, there to achieve high performance. Better teamwork starts with individual self-awareness.”

High Performance Series

Designing for Strategic Action

Is your team really aligned with their key objectives?

Designing for Strategic Action, the second workshop in the series, highlights where your team and your goals are misaligned, so you can take deliberate action to stay on track:

  • This 2-hour workshop can be delivered virtually or in person
  • It builds on Discovering Your Team Type, and focuses on the team’s objectives
  • Establish agreement on your team’s short and long-term goals
  • Gain clarity on each team member’s role and their responsibility to meet their goals
  • Develop an understanding of how and where individuals can – and need – to ‘stretch’. Where possible, they can then refocus their daily priorities to best achieve the objectives
  • Visually compare your team type with your strategy type and map misalignment between behavioural strengths and strategic goals
  • Participants will leave with an action plan on how to best deliver on the proposed objectives

This expert-led workshop helps you to improve team performance with renewed confidence.


“You actually come away with an actionable plan.”

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