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Powerful management training

Inspire People to Perform

Empower your managers by helping them to understand the impact of their own management style, to increase their effectiveness, and to decode the dynamics of their team

A data-driven approach to

Management training

A recent study of 2000 employees by The Predictive Index revealed that a staggering 63 percent of employees – who were unhappy with their managers – were thinking of leaving their job. In the current economic climate, effective management across all functions is more important than ever.

To maximise productivity, keep engagement high, and achieve your business goals, it’s critical to decode your own leadership style and understand what makes every single member of your team tick. Scientific people data provides valuable insights into how each member of your team needs to be managed to set them up for success.

The PI Inspire People to Perform workshop provides the knowledge and tools to help managers understand the people that report to you and how your management style impacts those around you.


Inspire People to Perform

What will you learn?



Science-based insights into your own drives and motivations result in increased self-awareness and improved communication skills


Understand your people

Use reliable people data to decipher the behavioural drives and needs of your people, and manage them accordingly


Team dynamics

Decode and improve the unique dynamics of your team based on their core behaviours


Team building

Build and manage collaborative teams, increase productivity, and ensure alignment


Management strategies

Uncover practical management strategies to increase individual engagement, map career paths and reach your goals

Inspire People to Perform

The format

What to expect when you attend this intensive workshop:

  • Delegates will develop a profound understanding of how your organisation can utilise scientific people data to decode what drives your employees and reach your goals
  • Led by experienced facilitators from around the globe with an average of 20 years’ experience, and who are experts in Talent Optimization
  • Available virtually spread over three 2-hour online sessions, and includes digital learning presentations, and practical assignments to create an immersive, robust learning experience
  • Alternatively, it can be run as a classroom-based workshop over one full day
  • Our experienced trainers will deliver the sessions as an in-house workshop so it can be tailored to the needs of your organisation
  • The course is designed for people managers at all levels, and team leaders responsible for maximising team performance. HR Professionals will also benefit from this workshop

Inspire People to Perform

The benefits

Good leadership is built on a profound awareness of what drives your people and yourself:

  • The workshop provides proven ways to increase self and situational awareness
  • Delegates leave with a detailed personal action plan to achieve better workplace communication and productivity
  • Improved leadership skills: valuable insights into your people’s behavioural characteristics and motivational needs will allow you to tailor your management and communication style accordingly
  • Your understanding of the dynamics within your team will enable you to build high-performing teams, and to ensure that you are collaboratively and effectively working towards your business goals
  • Tools to identify the four forces of disengagement, and protect your organisation against them
  • Increased productivity driven by improved interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to develop career pathing and expand employee capabilities based on their behavioral and motivational needs

Why not find out more on how to unlock the full potential of your workforce, develop future leaders, and build high performing teams?


“Being new to a leadership role, this workshop is the perfect guideline to help me get started and better understand my colleagues and what makes them tick”

Maria R., Allianz Technology

Sharing the secret of Talent Optimization

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