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Change Management Consultancy

Organisational Management Review (OMR)

has provided clear business focus and a successful change management solution to some of the world’s largest organisations

A data-drive approach to

Managing change

In times of uncertainty employees look to the leadership team for reassurance, guidance and cohesive action. Effective communication is key.

Do you really know what your employee’s likely approach to implementing change will be? How quickly will they respond? How can you best communicate your vision – and the need for change – to ensure that they are on board?

With the data-driven Organisational Management Review (OMR) methodology in their toolbox, organisations can form united company cultures across international boundaries and remote teams, manage leadership change, and navigate smoothly through mergers and acquisitions.

Our expert Management Consultants also provide guidance on addressing your business challenges around vision and strategy, leadership, talent development and succession planning. All business challenges are people challenges and knowing what makes your people tick is key.


Organisational Management Review Consultancy

How does it work?

The OMR methodology uses science-based analytics to take a detailed snapshot of your organisation and the management team


Initial consultation

Our experienced OMR Consultants work with you to identify the pain points that are specific to your organisation


Review parameters

Discussion of the logistical and organisational details, and setting and confirming the review parameters


Data collection

Support with collecting relevant people and organisational data using scientifically verified methods


Review day

Review for up to 6 participants at your chosen location using a purpose-designed questionnaire; includes a clear session summary and feedback for each participant


Communicating results

The report of the key findings with recommendations is presented with objectives, a prioritised action plan, and an effective communication proposal

Organisational Management Review

The format and the benefits

The format

  • This collaborative consultancy package is delivered by our experienced Management Consultants who are proficient in the OMR methodology
  • Split into three different stages: initial consultation and fact finding; review day; presentation of results and recommendation of next steps
  • Client involvement and sign off is ensured at each stage
  • The scope of the review is entirely tailored to the specific situation, requirements and eco-system at your company
  • We recommend the review of up to 6 participants per day to allow ample time for individual feedback and summaries
  • The objective insights are collected, analysed and presented in a unique, accessible and actionable way, and are powered by objective people data
  • Provides an in-depth assessment of the inner workings and culture of your company with clear science-based conclusions and recommendations

The benefits

Gain powerful insights and harness the full power of your workforce in times of change and uncertainty so your leadership can assess objectively and quickly:

  • Who they are working with
  • Where they can find potential
  • What the key business and people challenges for your company are, and where they are rooted
  • What the current levels of employee morale and engagement are
  • How ready your people are to embrace change
  • Which urgent adjustments are needed to navigate change
  • How to reframe your business goals
  • How to review company-wide communication

Expert guidance paired with science-based analytics help you take a detailed snapshot of your organisation and your management team when it matters most

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