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Evaluate your salesforce with the

Selling Skills Assessment

The Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT) is a robust online tool designed to provide an objective evaluation of the sales people in your organisation so you can build powerful sales teams

A data-driven approach to building

High-performing sales teams

Research reveals that salespeople who genuinely understand how they can make a difference to customers perform better than those who are purely focused on internal targets and quotas.

Do you really know whether your sales team is best equipped to sell consultatively – and successfully? How can you empower your sales people to help you stand out positively from the crowd and, at the same time, deliver on your business objectives?

Use the PI Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ to evaluate the current selling skills of your sales force, and identify strengths and areas of growth. Then address any gaps in the Customer Focused Selling workshop to enable your sales team to execute a successful customer-focused approach to selling.


Customer-focused selling

What does the Selling Skills Assessment (SSAT) measure?

The SSAT is an online diagnostic tool. It contains 25 targeted, scenario-based questions covering the 5 steps of the consultative sales process:



Explores how to build trust and credibility by setting clear agendas, managing expectations, and handling early objections



Examines how to accurately uncover your client’s needs by asking strategic questions, listening, and examining their decision-making criteria



Assesses how to appropriately present your products and services, and clearly articulate their value to the client



Uncovers how to successfully handle objections, approach multiple decision makers, gain agreement and win the business



Highlights how to build customers for life to include cross-selling strategies and customer relationship management

PI Selling Skills Assessment

What is the business value for our clients?

The Selling Skills Assessment™ helps you quantify and improve the skills needed by your sales team to execute a successful customer-focused and consultative approach to selling:
  • Two independent research studies confirmed that all individual items of the assessment and the overall scores display good reliability 
  • It has been successfully administered to thousands of participants globally for over 20 years
  • SSAT scores are not impacted by age, gender or race, and are therefore culturally neutral
  • The detailed online survey provides clear actionable data on the strengths and challenges of each individual sales team member within the framework of a successful consultative sales approach
  • Combine performance data from the SSAT with behavioural metrics from the PI Behavioral Assessment to give your sales managers meaningful insights into why some team members perform better than others


  • The Selling Skills Assessment is sent to all members of a sales team before participating in the Predictive Index’s Customer Focused Sales (CFS) training to get a benchmark overview of the individuals’ fits and gaps in their selling skills
  • Once the participants have had time to incorporate the new learning into their every day work, use the SSAT again to identify any remaining fit gaps, and continue to apply customer-focused coaching to remedy

Use the insights from the SSAT to create and manage high-performing sales teams, assess the areas of strength and weakness within your organisation, and then train your sales forces to hone those skills to achieve better sales results.

“A successful sales organization’s competitive advantage is more than just a product, price or feature. It is a purposeful, trusted relationship”

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