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Employee Engagement Workshop

Take Action on Engagement

Empower your people managers to evaluate and take action on the results of the PI Employee Experience Survey™, and drive positive change across your entire organisation

Actions on engagement lead to

Positive change

Engagement is an employee’s emotional commitment to your company and its goals. Engaged employees go the extra mile which positively impacts productivity. In contrast, disengaged employees are a drain on your company’s resources and morale.

Many companies use an employee engagement survey to take a regular pulse check on how engaged their employees are. However, data collection alone is not enough.

A successful employee engagement project relies on clear communication of the results and, most importantly, acting on them. Without action, these surveys can often be counterproductive as employees are left feeling that their views are not heard.

The half-day PI Take Action on Engagement workshop is designed to help managers drive positive change. Managers will learn how to build, communicate, and execute a data-driven action plan based on the evaluation of your engagement survey results.


Take Action on Engagement

Learning objectives and benefits

Ensure that your employees’ voices are heard, and drive positive change across all levels of your organisation:

  • This half-day Taking Action on Engagement workshop is delivered by our highly experienced trainers, and will be tailored to your organisation
  • The workshop is intended for managers and team leaders at all levels who are tasked with taking action on the engagement survey
  • Delegates will use a common framework to evaluate engagement, take action and enhance your leadership skills
  • Understand engagement scores, areas of success, and opportunities presented in the Team Report
  • Collaborate with your team members to create a high priority action plan based on their engagement results, and foster greater engagement within your team
  • Gain access to an analytics tool to better understand what drives you and your team members
  • Develop a strategy to debrief your team with confidence and improve communication
  • Receive digital learning and best practices to help you execute on your action plans, and sustain the momentum after the workshop

Give your managers the tools and confidence to communicate effectively and deliver on employee engagement.


Take Action on Engagement

The manager's journey


Stage 1

Understand the link between employee engagement and performance


Stage 2

Analyse and interpret the engagement survey results


Stage 3

Design a personal action plan


Stage 4

Collaborate with your team, create team action plans and execute on them


Stage 5

Use the digital resources to retain momentum

Employee engagement leads to increased productivity but only 1 in 50 CEOs have engagement on their radar

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