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Realising Potential helps you use

Talent Optimization

Optimally align your people strategy with your business strategy to achieve the best possible business results. This four-part strategic discipline highlights what actions are needed to help you make better people decisions across the entire employee life cycle.


Use people data to align your hiring team on the non-negotiable traits for each job, identify and attract top talent, ensure behavioural and cognitive fit, reduce bias in recruitment, develop an effective succession plan, hire and promote with confidence and avoid costly hiring mistakes

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Give your managers powerful tools to set up their teams for success, improve relationships at work, facilitate constructive feedback sessions, conduct successful coaching sessions, tailor employee development, keep their people engaged and reduce staff turnover

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Foster a culture of self-awareness and awareness of others among all employees, ensure that your teams are aligned on your business strategy, objectively pinpoint fit gaps and take the suggested remedial action, create cohesive, autonomous and high-performing teams

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Objectively and regularly measure engagement, identify the root of your people-related challenges, highlight where your people are misaligned with the job, their manager, team or your organisation, get an action plan to improve employee engagement and create positive change

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Is your organisation

Talent optimized

Your strategically designed business plan prioritises your most pressing goals. You carefully monitor your business results. You have a talent strategy. But, in spite of your best efforts and intentions, results fall short of your expectations.

If you can relate to this common scenario, there might be a disconnect between the people part of your business and your overall strategy. For over 20 years, RPX2 Ltd  has been helping businesses leverage the best talent optimization tools and apply scientifically-validated people data to

  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes and streamline their recruitment and onboarding process
  • Manage and inspire their employees to reach their full potential
  • Design strategically-aligned teams that hit their targets – and remain agile during change
  • Monitor and control engagement at your organisation

Find out how we can help you assemble high-performing teams and manage employees in a way that sets them up for success – and create a better and happier place to work.

Maximise your results with

Talent Optimization

The collection, analysis and effective application of objective people data lies at the very core of Talent Optimization. These powerful metrics inform all your people-related choices. Your business strategy provides the context but your people need to be optimally aligned to successfully translate your goals into the best possible results.

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of talent-optimized companies reach their strategic goals

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less turnover of staff in companies that have the right people in the right jobs

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of talent-optimized companies were able to avoid financial hardship in times of change

Here is what industry experts say

D Magazine Dallas – Talent Optimization quoteicon

"It’s not the business strategy that’ll make your company successful. It’s your people. After all, business strategies don’t execute themselves."

D Magazine


Entrepreneur Magazine – Talent Optimization quoteicon

"Talent-optimized organizations are better engaged. They align their business goals with their people goals. And they leverage behavioral data and self-awareness to make remote work work."



Inc. Talent Optimization quoteicon

"Only with a people-first talent optimization mindset can you build remote teams to last."



Forbes Magazine – Talent Optimization quoteicon

"Talent Optimization is something that HR leaders must prioritize."




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