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Use Talent Optimization to resolve

Your People Challenges

At RPX2 Ltd, we have the tools, the expertise and the experience to help you overcome your people challenges throughout the entire employee life-cycle - with confidence

Recruitment Challenges

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Management Challenges

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Team Challenges

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Employee Engagement Challenges

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People Decisions

As a business leader you are tasked with driving results.

We know that many organisations create a business strategy, set targets and monitor results closely. But your results are driven by the critical people part in between. That is where Talent Optimization comes in.

Every business challenge is a people challenge. With a data-driven strategic approach to your people strategy you can use objective insights to pinpoint a possible disconnect, and take timely remedial action.


Every business challenge is a people challenge

Better work better world

Talent Optimization is the solution

We believe in solutions rather than stand-alone tools to help you overcome your people-related challenges.

The choice of talent assessments should be embedded in – and driven by – your overall people and leadership strategy. We work collaboratively with our clients to optimise processes around recruitment, management, employee development, team building and employee engagement.

Let us help you to
  • Objectively review your candidates, streamline your recruitment process and confidently hire the right people for the right roles at your organisation
  • Equip your managers with user-friendly and powerful tools to enhance their leadership skills and manage their people as they would like to be managed
  • Create cohesive teams that are strategically aligned with their goals – and reach them
  • Track employee engagement at your organisation and ensure that your company is a happy and successful place to work
  • Create a culture of self-awareness, and set your people, teams and business up for success

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