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Do you have the right people in the right places?

Talent Optimization Consultancy

Are your teams, organisational values, and the leadership optimally aligned to your business strategy to make your company the best it can be?

A strategic approach to designing your

People strategy

All companies aim to increase their turnover, create high-performing teams, improve employee engagement, efficiently adapt to economic changes, and translate their business strategy into results.

The focus on where your business needs to be guides all your business decisions. Your people are the essential link that will help you translate your business goals into results.

If, in spite of your best efforts and intentions, the financial outcome does not meet your expectation, the people part of your business may not be fully aligned with your objectives.

Talent Optimization is the answer. It is not just concerned with the talent that you bring to your organisation but with the organisation that you bring to your talent.


Talent Optimization Consultancy

What to expect

RPX2 can help you optimise your talent strategy to bridge the gap between your business strategy and the desired results. We empower our clients to leverage insights from the best people metrics tools and world-class training programmes to help you to:


Hire the right people

Ensure that each individual is a good behavioural and cognitive fit for any position in your organisation


Inspirational leadership

Give your managers the tools and objective insights to inspire engaged employees, and help them reach their full potential


Design dream teams

Create autonomous and high-performing teams that are strategically aligned with their goals


Diagnose engagement

Objectively pinpoint and analyse employee engagement challenges, and resolve them with urgency, confidence and efficiency


Become talent-optimized

Fight the four forces of disengagement (job, manager, team, organisation), and ensure that your people are ideally placed to deliver on your strategy

Consulting at RPX2

How we can help you become talent-optimized

RPX2 is an Elite Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, the leader in Talent Optimization. Our consultancy portfolio is complemented by a science-based assessment suite and a range of professional management workshops.

Our expert Management and Business Consultants help you to make the Better Work, Better World vision reality:

  • Provide appropriate career pathing
  • Identify, analyse and resolve employee engagement challenges
  • Foster a self-aware company culture
  • Create an agile organisation that can react quickly to change
  • Ensure that your senior leadership team is strategically aligned

As a Talent Optimization consulting firm, at RPX2 we’ve been helping businesses to determine if their leadership, teams, and organisational culture are optimally aligned to their business strategy for over 20 years.


“37% of executives prioritize talent strategy but only 12% align it with their business strategy”

PI State of Talent Optimization Report

Client Stories and

Case Studies

Every business challenge is a people challenge. Every business decision is a people decision. Find out how some organisations have benefited from using the scientifically-validated talent assessments in our product range to successfully resolve issues around hiring, employee development, team performance, employee engagement and much more.

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Talent Optimization

Here is what industry experts say

D Magazine Dallas – Talent Optimization quoteicon

"It’s not the business strategy that’ll make your company successful. It’s your people. After all, business strategies don’t execute themselves."

D Magazine


Forbes Magazine – Talent Optimization quoteicon

"Talent Optimization is something that HR leaders must prioritize."



Inc. Talent Optimization quoteicon

"Only with a people-first talent optimization mindset can you build remote teams to last."



Entrepreneur Magazine – Talent Optimization quoteicon

"Talent-optimized organizations are better engaged. They align their business goals with their people goals. And they leverage behavioral data and self-awareness to make remote work work."




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