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Resolve your challenges around

Employee Engagement

Use scientifically-validated tools to help you diagnose the root of your engagement challenges and develop remedial action plans

Strategic Approach to

Employee experience and engagement

About one in two employees are considering changing careers. Employees who are optimally suited to their jobs, are managed well, are part of a cohesive team and aligned with their company’s values and culture, will be happier, healthier and more fulfilled. An engaged employee is likely to drive productivity, better products or services, and innovation.

Hybrid working presents managers with trying workplace challenges. Wouldn’t it be useful to know what really makes your employees tick? Can you objectively determine who is happy, fulfilled or who has resigned on the job? Who is ready to stretch and flex? What is affecting engagement at your company? What actions are needed to drive positive change?


The Predictive Index

Diagnose Solution

What fosters, or hinders, commitment or motivation can be different in each organisation. So, it’s important that leaders have a deep understanding of what drives and motivates their people, give them effective channels to voice their concerns and aspirations, and be prepared to listen carefully. The insights then need be translated into positive action.

The PI Employee Experience Survey within the PI Diagnose solution objectively measures employee engagement. It provides employees with an opportunity to give candid, confidential feedback across the four categories: job, manager, team, organisation. These are generally referred to as the ‘Four Forces of Disengagement‘.

This regular pulse check gives you concrete data insights so you can understand exactly how engaged your people are – and why. You can then use the tailored action plans to drive positive change, and address your employee engagement challenges head on.


With the powerful insights from the PI Diagnose framework at your fingertips you can confidently:

  • Measure critical data and regularly analyse this in the context of your business plan
  • Identify which of the four forces of disengagement are at play in your organisation and why
  • Analyse the evidence and determine the necessary remedies
  • Take targeted and data-driven action on engagement and drive positive change
  • Optimally align your people practices and your business strategy
  • Make excellent use of your employees’ skills and natural motivations
  • Ensure alignment between your employees’ behavioural drives and job requirements
  • Manage and improve employee engagement and reduce staff turnover
  • Make your company a better, happier and healthier place to work

The average company loses 1.8 million in productivity per year due to disengagement. Don’t allow your organisation to be one of them!

On average 84% of those who work for companies that use talent assessments in the hiring process are fully engaged – against 62% at organisations that do not use objective people data

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