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Powerful management training

Drive Results with Talent

Learn how to apply the PI methodologies and tools, create a self-aware and agile organisation, and optimally align your people strategy to your business strategy to maximise results

A strategic approach to

Decoding workplace behaviour

Your people give your company the competitive edge. It’s no secret that selecting the right people, maximising their productivity, and keeping them engaged is critical — the secret is how to achieve this.

Really understanding what drives your people will enable you to unlock their full potential. The intensive PI Drive Results with Talent Workshop empowers your in-house experts to become Talent Optimizers. They can then confidently apply the PI methodology throughout your organisation to improve your hiring process, levels of engagement, team cohesion, and overall productivity.

The programme outlines how to strategically use insights from scientifically-validated people data, and apply the various PI solutions to develop and execute a successful talent strategy that is optimally aligned with your business goals.


Drive Results with Talent

What will you learn?


Data insights

Use insights from reliable people data to understand what drives and motivates your employees



Understand and leverage the four forces that help you to increase employee engagement (job, manager, team, organisation)


Team building

Apply a data-driven hiring approach to build stronger and more productive teams


Company culture

Encourage a more collaborative company culture and improve interpersonal relationships


Talent Strategy

Develop and execute a successful and optimally aligned talent strategy, and build more robust people-related processes

Drive Results with Talent

The format

What to expect when you attend this intensive workshop:

  • Provides a deep dive into the PI system, its methodology and functionalities
  • Led by management consultants from around the globe with an average of 20 years’ experience. They are experts in the discipline of Talent Optimization
  • Available virtually spread over five 2-hour online sessions, and includes digital learning live presentations, and digital assignments to create an immersive, robust learning experience
  • Alternatively, it can be run as a classroom-based workshop over 2 full days
  • Our experienced trainers deliver the sessions as in-house workshops tailored to the needs of your organisation or as open workshops
  • The workshop is primarily designed for leaders/managers, strategic HR professionals or business owners

Drive Results with Talent

The benefits

The workshop will enable you to build a core group of PI Experts who are able to embed the PI methodology, create a common language, and successfully apply the discipline of Talent Optimization in those areas that will drive change at your organisation:

  • You will develop an in-depth understanding of the PI Behavioral Assessment, PI Cognitive Assessment and PI Team Discovery and their practical business applications
  • Fundamental insights into what drives workplace behaviour resulting in a more self-aware and engaged workforce
  • More effective hiring and people strategies as a result of implementing and championing the Talent Optimization in your organisation
  • Improved productivity due to better interpersonal relationships and team dynamics
  • Scientifically-based identification and development of high performers who are fully aligned with your company’s values, goals, and culture
  • Improved overall business results

Now more than ever, it is vital for your business to have the right people in the right roles.


“This workshop will give you advanced insight into making your people truly your competitive differentiator” – Nexthink


What our clients say

Abbott – DRWT WSicon

"Finding talent is very difficult but working effectively with talent is more difficult. This course can help to access talent, and improve cooperation and connection for better productivity."

Pakahorn S.


Gearbulk – DRWT WSicon

"Good Job! This was a great virtual training loaded with relevant and useful information that will help with and guide our business strategies."

Randy M.


Genesiscare – DRWT WSicon

"The workshop was highly engaging, lots of material and opportunities to practice with others. It is an intensive course but only because it is packed with so much information."

Emma G.


ETEL – Workshop – generalicon

"The training element is essential, and with each workshop, I found the next level of understanding unlocked, almost as if my vision was being sharpened even though I was looking at the same detail. The trainers were very approachable, and made the information easily digestible."

Sarah W.

ETEL (European Tyre Enterprise Limited)

Jewish Learning Exchange – DRWT WSicon

"We found this course eye-opening and extremely informative. We look forward to putting our new found knowledge and awareness into good use"

Aubrey H.


K5 Merlindo – DRWT WSicon

"A workshop of outstanding quality and with lively participants and trainers. The combination of professionalism and geniality made learning easy for me."

Christiane L.

K5, Merlindo

Nexthink DRWT – WSicon

"If your people/employees are a key success factor in your business, then this workshop will give you advanced insight into making them truly your competitive differentiator. If you're a leader, business manager or sales leader, then this workshop is not just for HR - consider it one that will increase your performance and that of your teams."

Jeremy B.



"The team, and especially Michael, were really supportive and understood the needs of everyone in the training. It was not only a great experience in learning something new, but also an opportunity for deep self-understanding. Thanks team!"

Nahla S.


Donna Clarity Travel DRWTicon

"I have attended many courses like this PI workshop, however, I have never come away feeling excited about putting my learning into action. Michael, our trainer, was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the product and friendly. You were never made to feel awkward about asking a question. Thankyou!"

Donna S.

Clarity Business Travel

Mo-Sys Engineering – DRWTicon

"I highly recommend this course for anyone hoping to better understand the correlation between behaviours and job requirements. I found the psychology behind how personalities match positions and so forth incredibly interesting and useful to my role in Talent Optimisation. Having used PI daily for months prior to the training, I still felt I learned an awful lot that I can apply to future roles."

Rachel V.

Mo-Sys Engineering

Shannon Roberts – DRWTicon

"The PI Drive Results with Talent Workshop was a masterclass on the behavioural assessments and how to use them to develop personally and at team level, and the experience of the trainers themselves adds a deeper insight to the workshop. I would recommend this workshop as a must to any business/manager."

Shannon R.

Seafarms Ltd.

Client Stories and

Case Studies

Every business challenge is a people challenge. Every business decision is a people decision. Find out how some organisations have benefited from using the scientifically-validated talent assessments in our product range to successfully resolve issues around hiring, employee development, team performance, employee engagement and much more.

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