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Talent Optimization Workshop

Create Awareness with People Data

Lay the foundations to a self-aware and collaborative organisation in this introductory session on how to apply scientific people data to interpret and understand workplace behaviour

Use scientific people data to

Decode workplace behaviour

In a constantly changing economic climate, strong collaborative teams are paramount to building a high-performance culture and to delivering results. This starts with fostering self-awareness on all levels, and an understanding of the behavioural drives and needs of others.

The accelerated PI What Drives People workshop is the first stepping stone in deciphering how you best work and communicate. It also fosters a deeper understanding of the people around you, and of how to practically apply this knowledge in a business context. These insights instantly improve team collaboration and employee engagement.

This bite-sized course helps to spark workplace transformation among your key employees.


What Drives People

What will you learn?


Scientific people data

Gain a basic working knowledge of The Predictive Index methodology and systems


Workplace behaviour

Understand and interpret scientific people data, and decode your workplace behaviour and that of your colleagues


Practical application

Use people data to improve communication, team dynamics and collaboration, and to maximise performance


Talent Optimization

Apply the principles of Talent Optimization to manage and develop the members of your team, and foster engagement

What Drives People

The Format

What to expect when you attend this foundation workshop:

  • Delegates will learn how to understand and interpret The Predictive Index (PI) people data, apply the practice of Talent Optimization, and best implement this knowledge in your organisation
  • Led globally by experienced management consultants who are long-standing experts in the practices and science of The Predictive Index
  • Can be delivered virtually spread over two short online sessions, or as a classroom-based workshop over half a day
  • Contains practical assignments to ensure an immersive and robust learning experience
  • The course is designed for employees and managers at all levels who have not already attended a PI certification workshop

What Drives People

The benefits

This introductory course covers the essential aspects of scientific people data at The Predictive Index:

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of how PI behavioural patterns are constructed and used to decode workplace behaviour
  • Leads to increased self-awareness and awareness of others
  • More effective and sympathetic interactions with colleagues with different behavioural drives and motivational needs
  • Increased productivity through enhanced self-awareness and improved collaboration
  • Faster and more effective communication between individuals and teams
  • Employees have a mutual understanding of their respective strengths and potentials, and share a common unifying language
  • Higher employee engagement as employees feel understood and respected

This overview into the interpretation and application of scientific people data can serve as a building block for other Talent Optimiziation workshops.


“This workshop helped me understand the behavioral drives of my staff and myself. I can now bridge gaps in communication, process, and training to drive better results for my employees and teams.”

Sharing the secret of Talent Optimization

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