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Employee Experience Survey

Use the PI Employee Experience Survey™ to diagnose employee engagement at your organisation and create an action plan to drive positive change

A data-driven approach to

Employee Engagement

In today’s fast-changing business environment, retaining top talent is a daunting challenge for most organisations. Disengaged employees cost the UK £52-£70 billion per year in lost productivity. So, how do you know for certain if your employees have resigned on the job? Are they doing the bare minimum or are they emotionally invested in making your company a success?

Companies with highly engaged teams are 21% more more profitable than those with low levels of engagement. Just imagine what your organisation could achieve with a firm grip on employee engagement and an even more productive workforce.

The PI Employee Experience Survey™ is scientifically validated and measures engagement. It allows you to analyse and prioritise results, use the detailed action plans to instantly address your engagement challenges, and make your company an even better place to work.

Address your engagement challenges

How does the PI Employee Experience Survey work?


The Survey

measures employee engagement, and allows your employees to give honest and confidential feedback across 4 categories: Job, Manager, Organisation and Team


The questions

Some questions are mapped to overall engagement to give you objective insights into how engaged your people are, and why they feel this way


The survey results

are available at company and team level. Every manager with five or more team members receives a team report so they can confidently identify and address any issues


Team-level reporting

provides information on high-performing teams, and insights into what works well in your organisation. This knowledge can then inform your leadership development


Unique selling point

The survey delivers personalised action plans, so that you can make informed decisions on how to maintain or boost engagement, and drive positive change


How does it benefit our clients?

The PI Employee Experience Survey™ allows managers to confidentially gather candid feedback, easily analyse their employees’ work experience, and take remedial action:

  • Uncover objectively if and why your employees are disengaged, which aspects are working well, and how you can take action to fix or maintain engagement
  • The survey algorithm pinpoints the strengths and areas of concern that will have the most impact on engagement at your company
  • Get objective clarity on which of the four factors of disengagement are at play at your organisation: misalignment with the job, the manager, the team or the organisation
  • Once the survey closes, you’ll receive engagement trends at every level of your organisation: team, department or the entire company
  • Many engagement surveys provide valuable insights but lack actionable next steps. With the data from the PI Employee Experience Survey, you can define a clear path forward based on group strengths and needs, and address engagement both at a micro and macro level
  • The team report for managers with five or more employees isolates any engagement challenges early, so that you can resolve them before they escalate
  • Team-level reporting highlights high-performing teams. You can then apply this understanding of what is working well – and why – to develop all other managers
  • Use the customised action plans to fix what’s broken, and improve engagement and productivity in your organisation
  • RPX2 will support you every step of the way during the survey set up, analysis and action planning
  • The half-day Take Action on Engagement workshop empowers leaders to find the best way to share results with their teams, and pave a path to impactful organisational change

Successful organisations positively influence employee engagement by ensuring that all employees have the best knowledge and tools available to them to set the up for success. A good fit with the job, manager, team and organisation is paramount.

Measuring and analysing your employee engagement data regularly ensures that you have the necessary objective information at your fingertips at all times to react quickly to change.

“The questions that were asked in the survey brought to life a lot of issues because it was much more detailed in terms of the dimensionality of the questions, but also because people truly felt it was a confidential survey”

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