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Strategically aligned teams with


The PI Design solution is a powerful online tool backed by science that lets you visually compare your team's behavioural style with their strategic goals and identify best fit and gaps

Strategic approach to

Building cohesive teams that get the job done

Your people at every level are the powerful link that helps you successfully translate your company’s business strategy into the desired results. In the face of ever changing business challenges, effective team work is more important than ever. But 88% of teams are not aligned with their strategy.

Great teams work collaboratively towards the same clear targets, are engaged and productive. Mutual trust and respect is essential. It develops when each individual team member is aware of the others’ differences, strengths and challenges. But how can you inspire any team to reach their strategic goals?


Scientifically-validated team management tools to

Inspire autonomous and high-performing teams

Here is how the science-backed PI Design tools help you gather critical people data and map this against your team’s strategy


1:1 Talent Strategy Session

In this exploratory session, a Talent Optimization Expert will use the new PI Team Discovery tool to help you uncover who you are as a team and whether you are aligned with your goals


Individual behavioural profiles

Use the PI Behavioral Assessment to discover what makes you as a leader, and each of your team members, tick


PI Team Discovery - Team Type

Create a collective behavioural profile for your team, and uncover what each individual's behavioural make-up means for team as a whole


Team Discovery - Strategy Type

Select the top 3-5 strategic priorities for the team, analyse your team in the context of the work to be done, and create an action plan to address any challenges


High-Performance Workshops

These facilitator-led virtual workshops help teams remove communication barriers, build mutual trust and respect, and align on their team goals

Use scientific team data to

Set any team up for success

Let your people feel the excitement of working on a team where everyone understands and trusts each other, and works towards a clearly defined common goal by:

  • Letting one of our Talent Optimization Experts guide you through a short 1:1 Talent Strategy Session. This session is designed to help you discover more about yourself, your team members and what might be holding them back from reaching their full potential
  • Understanding your leadership style and its potential impact on your teams through the PI Behavioral Assessment
  • Discovering the likely workplace behaviours and motivational needs of every member of your team, then using the PI Team Discovery tool to assign a Team Type. This will help you understand the collective behavioural style and emphasis of the entire team
  • Choosing 3-5 critical goals to define the team’s strategy. The PI Software will assign a Strategy Type which can then be objectively and visually compared with the Team Type to identify strengths and fit gaps
  • Using this powerful team data for impactful team feedback and strategy sessions and for creating an action plan to set up your team for success
  • Attending the High Performance Series workshops. These expert-led online sessions are designed to help you and your teams build those critical skills around self-awareness and the awareness of others, improve communication, build trust and ensure alignment with the team’s goals

With these objective insights and recommendations at your finger tips, you can now provide agile leadership, have meaningful team conversations and identify the necessary actions to enable your team to perform at its best at all times

“You have to empower and inspire your people.
This tool will make it happen” – Andy P., CEO, Six Factor

Client Stories and

Case Studies

Every business challenge is a people challenge. Every business decision is a people decision. Find out how some organisations have benefited from using the scientifically-validated talent assessments in our product range to successfully resolve issues around hiring, employee development, team performance, employee engagement and much more.

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